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The Servant of the King

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Some Torah sources say that the sole purpose of man’s existence is to serve Hashem, our G-d. Okay, if this so, what are we to learn from this?

First, we have to consider what it means to be the servant of a king. Well, for one thing, the servant of a king has to be much more careful about how he serves than does the servant of a mere commoner. A king is much more particular than a poor master. So we have to be very precise in how we perform our assigned tasks.

Also, a king’s servant is far more important than a poor man’s servant. A poor man’s servant is looked down upon by everyone. But a king is so grand that to be his servant is really a privilege. Also, a king provides for his servants better than a poor man could possibly provide for his servant, or even for himself. How much more true is all this when the king we are serving happens to be the King of the Universe?

So, not only are we to be careful as to how we carry out the King’s commandments, but we must realize that we are privileged, even honored, to be appointed to His service. Feeling honored not only makes it pleasant to serve the King, it also makes our service better. A happy servant provides better service than one who serves begrudgingly.

Add to this that not only is He our King, but He is also our Father. Now we begin to understand why G-d wants us to serve Him in the first place. Why does a father want his child to follow his instructions? He wants the child to do these things for the child’s benefit, not for his own benefit. The father does not even need the child’s service in the first place.

To sum up, we are to serve G-d carefully because He is the King, and a King is very particular about how He wants His house to be kept. We are to serve G-d with our heads held high, because we are servants of the King and not servants of a mere common man. Knowing this gives us both joy and humility - joy in that we have been chosen for His service, and humility when we think of just what we are when compared to our Master.

Also, we are to serve G-d lovingly, because He has created us, which means that we are His children and He is our Father.

When we serve Him in all these ways we begin to receive the gift that He initially wanted to give us when He created His Torah. As on Mount Sinai, when we first became His servants,[i] and in His Temple where we served Him with all of the glorious details,[ii] when we serve Him properly, He will meet with us and show us His Glory.[iii]

[i] Exodus 20:15
[ii] 1 Kings 8:11
[iii] Exodus 25:22, 40:34


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