Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Senseless Hatred

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I hate you! Yes YOU!

Not because you suck, though you do. (Frankly, you've taken sucking to a whole new level, but that's besides the point.) No, I hate you because YOU ARE IN MY WAY.

I'm trying to do something for the community and you are screwing it up. I recognize that you're trying to do something for the community also. I'll even admit that you're doing a few things pretty well, things that need to be done that I couldn't do.

But it doesn't matter because when it comes to other things your way of doing them sucks, and mine will bring us to a better place.

Oh, and you've been disrespecting the rav. Of course I haven't, you have.

During the 3 weeks, a time when we recognize baseless hatred among the Jewish people and try to rectify it, I watched two community leaders argue basically like the above for 4 hours last night. I watched a community SPLIT, exactly what brought down the Beis HaMikdash.

What differs in the above than many normal arguments is the Yetzer Hara has done a superb job of repositioning itself. Neither person is protecting their OWN respect, rather both are fighting for the community and the rav. Fighting each other, destroying the community, bringing the rav to tears...for the sake of the community and the rav.

Yetzer Hara - 1 Yetzer Tov - 0

Making peace in such a situation is ALMOST impossible. Almost - but we have a responsibility to try. And it is certainly impossible without trying. For peace, ahavas yisroel (love of our fellow), and to make our community a better place and (by extension) the world a better place - we must try.

We always must try to bring peace and unity, for such is the key to our survival.


Shiloh said...

You can't imagine how many times I had to get between a Rav of a Rosh Yeshiva in Ramat Beit Shemesh "A" and a kablan when I was doing shiputzim there. I mean physically holding them apart from the most insane behaviour and arguments that I have ever seen. (The kablan I could understand, not to justify it, even though he was Haredi, but the Rav had zero excuse to act the way he did.)Akiva, today the Yetzer Hara is so incredibly strong we have to take extra care and back down sometimes. I suspect it will get worse as we get closer to the geulah. Times are strange.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking. I don't know how these people get the energy to fight when the whole world (virtually) is stacked up against us.

Anonymous said...

Akiva, why didn't yiu wait for two more weeks ? Why did they precisely make this meeting during the three weeks ?...

lvnsm said...

It is very sad when there is great anger.

I wrote a post about that we Jews need to communicate calmly with each other, and look at each other in a good way inorder to unify.

Anonymous said...

Boker Tov,
On this note, perhaps all of you will help me. Yesterday, my wife, Brenda bat Andrea, was confirmed in diagnosis with breast cancer. She will undergo complete mastectomy of both, her chest.

She has not lost one atom of her faith; she and I know that all things are for the reason that G-D knows and all things are for His purpose, Baruch HaShem.

My idea for you all: I believe in the key concept of the four species of Sukkoth. Each year we wave the species, and each year proclaim the unity of the "levels" (as Ramchal termed it) of Am Yisrael, for observance.

We must "wave the species" before us each day, in our minds: each day.

We are Am Yisrael, and (as written in Nitsavim), we became a nation before we crossed the Jordan. We are the nation of Am Yisrael, and every one of us is linked, one to another. We must always be so, and sanctify the name of our G-D in the sight of the nations, by words, then by actions and by solidarity.

I ask you to hold thoughts for my wife dear in your heart and pray for her. She separates challah, lights the kiddush candles, and obeys the laws of niddah. That and more. She truly is "Eyshet Hayil"

My heart is dying for her. Only our G-D comes before her in my life. My head knows that HaShem will take care of all things, but my heart feels shattered. Please, a tikkun klali for her and perhaps a line for me as well.

Shalom, v'l'chayyim.

Yeshayahu ben Avraham Galluzzo

Anonymous said...

To Yeshayahu,

your wife should have a refuah shleima and she should live til 120. I will say Tehillim for you, bli neder.

Shiloh said...

Yesha, don't give such private details about your wife (extent of surgery). The first is obvious. Anyrate, you are not alone and they have come a long way in the treatments. Wish her a complete and quick recovery and may haShem comfort you both always.

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