Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Powerful Movie Free for the 9 Days

One of the most powerful documentary/movies about Gush Katif is online free for the 9 days. A full length movie of the expulsion of Jews, of hope and destruction.

Hebrew with English subtitles. View it below, or in a larger window at

Over 1 hour long, this free 9 days viewing will only be up during the 9 days. Take advantage of it now.


Neshama said...

I started to watch this, but 1/3 thru I couldn't do it anymore. It was painful. Jews against Jews. Hashem Yerachem. I guess because it was so recent.

Anonymous said...

is it me, or does the movie not play- just a "friends of gk" ad?

Akiva said...

Sorry you're having troubled, plays fine for me. Maybe try the link and play it on the wejew site?

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