Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hit on The Planet Zedek

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

The Planet Jupiter has been hit by massive object! News headlines right out the ages of old from one of the oldest holy books.

The sefer 'Seder Olam Raba' states that in the time leading up to the redemption there will be a time of judgment. One sign of this time is the planet Zedek being struck. We all thought this happened when the comet Shoemaker-Levi #9 impacted Zedek (aka Jupiter) 18 times in the 90's, which was barely visible from Earth.

Today's impact was highly visible from Earth, spotted by an amateur astronomer with a 14" telescope in his back yard. As we are entering a time of Tzimzum, 'of constriction', maybe we are witnessing the evidence as foretold by our sages of old, blessed be their names.

We are in for a time of Constriction as never before. The last great birth pain, great contraction, was the Holocaust which brought about the physical redemption and we received the land of Israel. Geula Hagoof.

Now it appears we are beginning the passage through the darkest period in our history, the war of GoG. It looks like we are about to unfortunately pass another two contractions and receive the Geula HaNefesh and Geula HaRuach, the final redemption.

Hashem has sweetened all this by giving us this galut and causing us to fall away. This was to make the sentence lighter but we do not have to revel in it or to wallow in it. We must do teshuva and return.

There are many proofs of our time stamp, where we are holding on the cosmic clock. However, it not the time of proof. Sooner or later we must let go of our egos and justification of our laziness. We need to act now! This requires some believe and trust as we are running out of time.

We have in our power to by pass all this and receive the geula early 'acheshena' by doing complete and rapid TSHUVAH. The clock is ticking down and there are no time outs remaining.

It's up to us to arouse our fellow to do t'shuva b'ahava - to return to Hashem out of love. We must cause a spontaneous rapid and complete arousal from the below. I'Rutah hatata! It is our only hope to receive the geula before its time 'B'Etah' and with mercy. For mercy only goes with before its time. Woe unto us if we blow this off!

Hashem has warned us! In writing and with witnesses, and He wants and longs to show us His complete mercy. But our deeds are forcing him to give us a potch (a smack). Wake up! Please do not try process this, your ego is in the way. Just do tshuvah now!

Lets make it simple. Hashem is waiting for you and me to come to Him and renew the brit that we made with Him at Har Sinai before the conquest of the land. But we are standing here not catching the fact that we have to do it! No one is coming for us if we do not step forward to meet Him and hasten the process!

It's up to each of us to lose our egos. What, you like the Gehinom that we have made here for ourselves in this world? Personally, I'm ready for a change.

May we merit it before it's time, mamash today.


  1. R' Nati,

    Can you tell me where in Seder Olam Rabba this is? I couldn't seem to find it.

    (When googling, I noticed a bunch of Xtian sites quoting the Seder Olam too, and apparently they got it from an A7 article from 1997, when Hale-Bopp was around. None of the sites I saw quote a reference.)


  2. I have to ask the Rav as it was in the Ninties that I heard this quote. And I was just making reference to it, as yesterday there was cosmic impact of the type described. And our 'maksav' is going critical so I saw the solar eclipse and the jupiter strike coing as they did this close together, as mamash tell tail sign that we should wake up and do T'shuvah I'll get back to you as to where. Also we have from today exactly one year, as it is
    Rosh Chodesh Av I've in town Heard, that the last possible moument for geula 'Acheshena' is Mincha Gedolah Rosh Chodesh Av 5770. After this time we are moving into in to E'tah oy! And it is written; That "Even if I bring it in it's time I will bring it early", Please may it be today!
    just a tid bit:
    41.8 earthly years are an hour in Shamayim, and we know that the resurection of the deads last possible time to come is 210 years before the year 6000. ok well 6000-210=5790 we are at 5770 if it goes to the last possible moument we have 20 years, but no one belives we can make it that long. then there is the 7 years cycles of which we just finished, there really only this year and 8 years from now I prefer this year. and there are many hints at this year as well but the time for proof is over Hashem is wait for us just to believe and turn to him. but if we choose we can do it the hard way I hope we will all choose the easy way. Blessings

  3. Since we know there is no such thing as coincidence, what do you think is the significance of the fact that the previous strike on Jupiter happened at this same time of year---July 16-22?

  4. exactly my point almost to the day
    and in the three weeks

  5. I'm ready for a change in the world also. We can have a better world if we choose it

  6. I'm ready for a change in the world also. We can have a better world if we choose it

  7. nati-
    a huge fan of you in person..but reading your posts almost always scares me.

  8. RebNati,

    The hint that you bring regarding 5790 (the 210 years before 6000) has already been proven to be not true by history. I encourage you to learn it on the inside. It says 40 years after the building of the Beit haMikdash will be the resurrection of the righteous, and then 210 years later the general resurrection. By the logic you presented, the Beit haMikdash must already be standing for 19 years.

  9. What does this mean that Jupiter was hit? As above, as below? If Jupiter represents Tzedek and Tzedek is justice, does this mean that justice below has taken a hit as well and that it is now fragmented?


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