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Perushim on Gog

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

A review of some of the commentary on Gog from the navi'im...

There is very curious language used here.

- Radak writes that Gog is from the children of Yefet and from this land. Further it writes that he is 'caful hamelek', doubled as king - perhaps his second time in office or dual office? Gog is not his name but a title for he is a king - ruler - president of a nation. He is in effect a prince that rules (strongly influences) all the nations.

Meshudat Dovid writes that he seems to be involved in a brit shalom (a peace treaty), unclear whether making one, breaking one or has broken one?

Persia (Iran) and Cush (Ethiopia/Sudan) and Put (Libya) join him voluntarily to help. They seem to be only involved in defending Gog or themselves and they seem to do this from their own lands.

The role of Gomer (the Anglo / Frank / EU alliance) is there to see the job gets finished.

Beth Togarma (Germany) only comes in at the end. Radak & Mehari Kra says she comes only for evil.

And all her cohorts, (Radak) all those of the bnei yafet that dwell north of Germany to the ends of the north. The Mehari Kra say those from the north that they come with bows and arrows (missiles).

We do not write this to generate fear, but to watch the simonim (signs) and to know that every day is important. We don't know what will be tomorrow, but today we have the opportunity to do teshuva and serve Hashem. Let's make the best of it! Big events may be coming, G-d willing with the complete Geulah. Make every day count.

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  1. in terms of radak:
    "Further it writes that he is 'caful hamelek', doubled as king - perhaps his second time in office or dual office?"
    I'm not sure which perush of Radak you are referring to, but for example here:

    in discussing to "nesi rosh", he refers to inyan kaful bemilim shonot, a repetition of the idea with different language. and metzudat david as well writes that it kefel hamilah beshemot nirdafim.

    this appears to be the idea of "kefel inyan bemilim shonot," which is poetic repetition. do a Google search on כפל ענין במלים שונות. here is a sample article:

    if so, the idea that the repetition is designed to serve a meaningful distinction seems at odds with Radak's words, and point. on which pasuk does Radak say kaful hamelech?

    kol tuv,


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