Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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Lite Summer Blogging

We're on a lite blogging schedule over the next couple of weeks because...

...Summer heat got us down.
...Kids home from school making us crazy.
...Having fight with Israeli ISP over account billing problem.
...May be moving.
...Side project taking extra time.
...Got the blahs.

G-d willing, we'll be back full force in a few weeks. Here's a few quick updates in the meantime...

* Rabbi Nati's tests did not find any major problems (Thank G-d), but a number of moderate issues that need serious attention to return him to good health. May he be blessed with long and healthy life.

* Top economists and financial specialists say US economy getting worse, with a number of very dangerous trends. All government and industry pundits declare life is wonderful, all is good and rosy and only good is coming.

* US continues heavy pressure on Israel while Hamas attacks and all neighbors threaten. My friends, does ANYONE read the biblical prophets?

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  1. I stand in amazement and wonder, what good thing did I do that pleased the Almighty and caused him to bless me so? I have reached the conclusion that the only thing I could have done to merit all this is that even in the most difficult times I never once had a complaint against the Creator. Rather, with every wave that passed over me, threatening to drown me, I bowed my head an accepted it with love.

    -Klausenberger Rebbe


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