Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Jerusalem Riots - Article & Photos #2

Photos by Reb Akiva & Live Reports by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Live reports from the Meah Shearim area, Jerusalem tonight on the riots from Reb Nati who lives in the neighborhood... Photos from a few hours earlier below.

-> Meah Shearim, neighborhood announcements by car loudspeaker to come confront the police. Simultaneous police announcements of a curfew going into effect.

-> My neighbor came up and told me that water and power are going to be cut. People are filling up pots of water and their bathtubs. Rumor or city plan to calm the area down?

-> Word is the Gerer Rebbe, shlita, told his chassidim to get out of it. They were supposed to non-violently protest but have been drawn in. Haven't seen the announcement make any difference.

-> Things quieted down for about a half hour. Then the Shabbos sirens started being used to call Selichos and mourning prayers, riling people up. Simultaneously police sirens heard throughout the neighborhoods.

-> LARGE explosion near Maale Dafne / Meah Shearim. Possibly from French Hill, mass police running that direction. Literally shook my apartment.

-> Riots increasing now. Loud speakers calling, horns honking - main road #1 is blocked. Many sirens. A major baalagan.

-> Loud boom was major car accident on #1. Major smoke from Meah Shearim / Beis Yisroel areas. Tremendous noise, sirens & loudspeakers from Bar Illan / Shmuel HaNavi area.

-> Bus loads and bus loads of police arriving. 4 helicopters overhead. Masses of people in the streets, kids / teens confronting riot police. The police are NOT being gentle, and the kids are not being smart.

Photos from a few hours ago...

Mishmeret HaGvul, Border Police, have streets blocked off to vehicle traffic in troublesome areas.
Meah Shearim Riots Israel

Just a regular stroll down the street, oh and the burning barricade of garbage.
Meah Shearim Riots Israel

Multiple such barricades on the same block, this one was more burned down.
Meah Shearim Riots Israel

Children and police gathering in the afternoon for later.
Meah Shearim Riots Israel

Yasamnik riot police preparing for later. This group chases by motorcycle!
Meah Shearim Riots Israel

A religious teen picks up a glass bottle, a yasam riot policeman confronts him.
Meah Shearim Riots Israel


loneligirl said...

Why do the Police remind me of natzi,s. and why can,t the israeli goverment treat the palistians like
this. cutting off water.creating high bills and putting the religious Jews who are in the Army
on the front line.
Why can,t we build the third temple now . and sicrifice now on it. who knows what might happen.
there is too much sin going on in the Holy city homosexual parades
its Offensive to HASHEM.

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