Thursday, July 16, 2009


Jerusalem Riots - Article & Photos #1

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

A major confrontation began about two weeks ago between the ultra-religious community of Jerusalem and the city with the opening of a municipal parking lot on Shabbos located right next to the community.

Riots heated up starting yesterday with a troubling case of a mother accused by the medical establishment of starving her child - but who she says has had major health problems since birth, been diagnosed INCORRECTLY with cancer and treated with chemotherapy, and was trying to extract from the medical system who has completely failed to help her child so far. Who's correct may be beside the point, but when the police violently hauled her out of her home in the middle of the day and seriously manhandled her in the street, the street exploded and riots started.

I haven't been in the area since all this started, but was there a few hours ago. Here's some pictures from riot torn Meah Shearim (and surrounding neighborhoods), Jerusalem, Israel from today...

Right outside the neighborhood, a water cannon sits ready for police to use.
Riots - Meah Shearim - Jerusalem - Israel

Traffic lights have been smashed, the streets are strewn with garbage.
Riots - Meah Shearim - Jerusalem - Israel

For children out of school for the summer, this is entertainment. For the police, not so much.
Riots - Meah Shearim - Jerusalem - Israel

Dumpsters are dumped if they haven't been burned (most are plastic).
Riots - Meah Shearim - Jerusalem - Israel

Apparently burning barriers closing the roads is the name of the game. The streets closer in are blocked, access is by foot only.
Meah Shearim Riots Israel

...more to come.


Ron Aviram said...

As if destroying your own neighborhood is going to improve anything. These riots certainly do not bring us any closer to redemption. The number of averot committed pale to the chillul HaShem that's taking place... and during the three weeks yet... and the community "leaders" keep silent! So sad - for all of Am Yisrael, and by extension, the whole world. And the saddest part is that it did not have to be this way. Nevertheless, this was the path that was chosen by those who supposedly should have known better. Shame.

Shiloh said...

Ron, I disagree, it will bring the geulah sooner as we hit a new low. It is sad at anyrate.

Maybe they will riot when we give land to the Arabs, a real prohibition against the Torah!!

Anonymous said...

>who she says has had major health problems since birth, been diagnosed INCORRECTLY with cancer and treated with chemotherapy,

According to a Hadassah Hospital spokesman, the child was never treated with chemotherapy and was never diagnosed with cancer. Also, they claim to have the mother on video disconnecting the child's feeding tubes. If true, this is very disturbing.

Ron Aviram said...

Shilo, there were no haredi riots or even mild protests (with the noted exception of Chabad) at the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza and the transmission of authority over it to our enemies. It is complicity through silence. They do not appear to have any problems with picking and choosing which Torah prohibitions to keep and which are too inconvinient to mind.

Neshama said...

Ron Aviram: That's a great point to make here. Just in the 'humanitarian' category, what a comparison.

I hear RBS is also having their riots? No reports on that?

Akiva said...

Neshama, I drove through the RBS Bet section of town yesterday as well.

First RBS-Bet does not have plastic dumpsters to burn. They have very large (long low) steel ones, hard to move and having small openings with spring-trap doors, hard to burn.

The extend of riot impact that I saw was some bushes burnt in a traffic circle. I heard that they'd had about 100 rioters, who the police confronted and dispersed.

They do not seem to have serious community support, nor youngsters out of school to participate (Beit Shemesh is officially a "needy" town, they get an extra month of school from the government). Further, the physical layout isn't as open to running street battles - any confrontations are going to be direct. So if you don't have maximum support with the whole community out, you're not going to be able to hold your own against the police.

So far, as best I've heard, RBS demonstrations are minor.

Anonymous said...

RA - "As if destroying your own neighborhood is going to improve anything."

Your own neighborhood? Own? As in ownership? Since when do serfs own anything? Does that analogy seem cruel? When you don't control the government, then the government controls you. Take America for example. That garbage about "we the people" wasn't true when it was penned and it isn't true now! With the exception of one brief period in the history of Yisrael has anyone ever enjoyed real freedom under HaShem? I think humanity as a whole likes being slaves - be it a slave to others or a slave to our own Evil Impulse or both. It's probably because that's all we've ever been. And those who are suppose to be a light to the Nations? What can one think when even they continue to step and fetch at the behest of the self-seeking, anti-emuna politicial Elites in what should be their own country, but isn't? Redemption? Why should HaShem bother to redeem anyone? We seem more than content to remain in the shackles that keep us enslaved to our earthly masters' service. Why redeem us, especially when Pharaoh continues to give us beer and bread so we can build momuments to his vainglory!? Who wants redemption? Just be content with your lot in life - the only lot a serf deserves. I'm typing this for my own benefit and you know what? It's still not working. I can't even motivate myself to get up, get out and do something. How sad is that?

Shiloh said...

Ron, exactly. I was being a little sarcastic.

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