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Breaking News Jerusalem has been Attacked with Nuclear Bomb

by Reb Nati at
Mystical Paths

This Hashem forbid could be the headline soon if we do not wake up. No but she has been hit with a spiritual nuke as the whole world now stands against her. It is becoming perfectly clear to me that we no longer need a Navi. That there is no need to interpret what is going on as we are there, and have been there before. And it is totally appropriate that at this time we start the book of D'varim as we need to be reminded of where we've come from.

In my review of all the materials that are written in our Holy books. by our Holy Sages about what transpired during the 3 weeks and the especially the nines days.

It has become quite clear that at this very time in our history that there is no political nor military solution to this problem! As was then so it is today the same. At that time Hashem wanted us to return to Him, And even now, He's waiting for us to turn to Him today. But we just keep looking the wrong way. So tell me something? Please.
Why worry about or listen to the voice of our enemies, When the voice of our Father in Heaven has loving called us repeatedly for 2000 years. Only 'The unbelivers' would rather hear this susan or that obama or any other voice, besides that of Hashem What's with you people? I know that, even if Akiva leaves this up you'll chide me! From what distant place do you come from that you do not understand what is about to happen? What it it going to take? What you think that your stance or your money is going to save you? Or that your knowledge or understanding of the American way will help you? It is only your rebellion that has brought you to this place in the first place! REPENT turn now to Hashem and return to His land! Now is the last time! You may not make it if you wait and there is no one to blame but yourselves for your selfishness has brought all this on us! Self hatred and an Evil eye on our neighbors is the cause of all our anguish and suffering. Please wake up it's the only thing you refuse to try! Maybe just maybe it will work what do you have to lose?

Why continue to view these things? Please brothers sisters, please wake up there was only one solution then! And there is only one option now Immediate and complete Repentance!

Why is it? No one wants to hear this message? Why is it, everyone wants to try to figure out where and why we are in this? Hello! Hashem has told us, and is telling us, to return and rely only on Him! What is it going to take to wake you up? A mushroom cloud over Jerusalem and the rounding up of Jews to be slaughtered in the streets of the USA. What? We have forgotten what they have done to us in the past? Come on! Think remember you know it is true it is written on your heart. We were there together in the desert we all received it and we all suffered it. It's there in the collective memory. I'm desperately trying to nudge you in to remembering, please wake up.


Anonymous said...

your sick ! people are repenting ! you repent ! Dont give arguements especially in public to our enemy satan who mby and mbd B"H in kol hator defeat . remember rav nachman patience is a messianic virtue and root of true emunah !

Shiloh said...

We don't follow the Torah, so all your ranting and raving equates to spilling the seed. We slander those who do their utmost to follow the Torah of haShem and honor those who bow to men. First take the incredible beam out of your own eye before you attempt to take any speck out of others.

Chaim Shalom said...

I'm desperately trying to nudge you in to remembering, please wake up.

1.but no one is asking you!?
2. you are not the nassi of the generation; your ideas have very little spiritual weight because you are not a prophet.
3. for a breslover your avoda is to be happy and find the good points- the title of your post suggests otherwise.

s said...

I think it's a good message. While there are some Jews who are doing what they can, there are still many that need to wake up.

RebNati said...

Shilo you should stop quoting the 'j' man's stuff and get a grip

Chaim we are at a very hard cross roads should we who see not try and tell those who cant not to turn the wrong way? if i knew that there was a land mine on the path in front of you would you not want me to show you it so you could avoid it?

in the book of Ezekiel it say that we you understand have a responsiblity to call out to our nation and try to convince them to turn to Hashem if we do not then the mistakes fall on us but if we do and they do not listen then we have at least saved our own soul.

anon; I'm not sick and we can all do more teshuvah, no one is pointing a finger so relax but we are in need of cpr and time is running out. and if we just keep looking at the polotics and not at the source or root of the problem then we are gong to suffer what is written in the holy books so please grow up

Yankel Meyer said...

Reb Nati, shlita.
I enjoy all the posts, and would stand lekavod if you entered a room, but this is a little inciteful. Perhaps the writer might consider taking the title out of the top and place inside the article.

Chaim Shalom said...

a big fan, man...

we have a Rebbe, he has told us what we need to know until Moshiach comes. The bonifed tzadik and prophet of the generation. With the spies, the problem was that they got in the way of the information they were to expose. Give over the message of the holy Tzadikim is what is asked of you and not to use the holy Torah for our own delusive, subconscious pep talk. as far as i am concerned, such type of rhetoric and mania is anti the Moshe Rabbenu of the generation. are we all one, no. there is the nassi and the rest of us. bitul.

Chaim Shalom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pitlord said...

Wow, it looks like there are a lot of people who just aren't ready to know the truth!

It is undeniable that what is happening in America is simply a repeat of what happened to every other nation in which we were exiled an subsequently expelled from.

Babylon fell, Persia fell, Greece then Rome fell now America will fall if they continue their persecution of us. How many more empires do you think H-shem will crush for their mistreatment of His chosen people before the redemption?

Nati is correct. The trumpets are sounding for b'nei Israel to come in to the camp.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked Reb Nati's article. He's right! What's it going to take!? If I had the means and wherewithal to move, then I would. Things are only going to get worse here in America. Who can't see the handwriting on the wall!? It doesn't take a Prophet to see where things are headed, does it?

As for Shiloh being admonished to stop quoting the j-man, perhaps we should all just do as Reb Nati suggests with regard to teshuvah and emunah and also listen to the wisdom in the words of R. Khayim, who said, "In my younger days, I wanted to bring all human beings to repentance; later, when I realized that this was impossible, I wished to bring my home town to piety, but I did not succeed; so I decided to try this on the members of my household; I soon realized that this was also impossible, so I decided to seek for myself alone a way to repentance, and even in this I have not been successful."

I don't know, perhaps that's what Shiloh's j-man was getting at. Regardless, we're told that R. Moishe Leib once gave away all of the money in his possession to an evil man. When the Hasidim asked him why he had done so, he rplied, "He is not a good, nor am I. If I give charity to an evil man, the Almighty will repay me measure for measure and He will also be charitable to me although I am not a good man."

Let's judge everyone toward merit and focus on tzedakah, gemilut chasidim, uprooting intramural hatred, teshuvah, hisbodedut, and emunah. How can focusing on these thing not be of benefit?

Anonymous said...

You worte:
>> REPENT turn now to Hashem and return to His land!

Is there a commandment in the Torah to return to Hashem and return to the land? I think they are separate mitzvot, no? Returning to Hashem is independent of returning to EY.

Isn't there countless times in Tanach, that says Hashem will gather the Jews into EY? There are also those Rabbis who say it's Moshiach's job to gather the Jews in. So, which is which?

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