Wednesday, June 17, 2009


US Politics: Having a Carter

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

It's been a while since the US had a Carter. I remember that election, it was exciting! The US was passing the difficult Nixon presidency, where a very competent but harsh and uncharismatic president resigned due to a power grab breaking the law, followed by a bumbling not-quite competent vice president Ford taking over as president.

And along came Carter. Big smile, smooth talker, bright eyes. Friendly, reasonably smart. And perhaps most important after the last 2 presidents, young(er) and energetic! He owned the youth vote - change was in the air.

So he was liberal, gonna change things - who cares? Get those bumbling power hungry old men out of office!

And we did.

And change he did. He destroyed the military, and weapons programs were only for local employment of supportive senators (rather than what the military needed). He flubbed the economy, with inflation rising to 17% and interest rates to 12%. New terms such as Stagflation and The Misery Index were created, everything was regulated and controlled, nothing actually moved or happened. He let the Arabs boycott America and dictatorships march forward across the world. And in Iran, he let them hold kidnapped Americans for over a year.

In the world, America moved from being a hard power to a soft power to a punching bag. In the country everyone said the good days of America are done, the American dream has failed, hopefully we'll all scrape by.

America made a hard right turn after that, being blessed to find a politician who was charismatic and also brought a good vision. But it took 10 years to repair what was damaged in 4.

20 years after Carter, America has returned to a big smiling face and shouts of change. You wouldn't think a president could do that much damage and that much change in 4 years, but we have the lesson of Carter to show otherwise.

And now, America has it's new Carter. As a show from those days said, 'Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.' Alienate allies, empower enemies, weaken the military, soft power, economic danger.

Welcome back to having a Carter.


  1. Great article Akiva.

  2. Shame they missed:

  3. Maybe this is not the sapce for it, but there I was trying to read some right wing (religious)blog and trying to stomach and get pass the faint racism and hatred there as I read about Obama, Al Sharpton, Soromayor, and endless others. And then from talking with a friend, it hit me.

    If the whole problem is that we need to do teshuva, what's the point of photo shopping yet another picture of Obama for a headshake? What's the point of naming names that are safe to hate? What's the point of any of it?

    Shouldn't we be focusing on bringing back our "captives"? Shouldn't we concentrate better efforts towards at -risk kids as my friend pointed out?

    Do we really believe in our "Yaakov" power of prayer? Or perhaps Esav has been so busy, we're still reeling from his dazzling show of power?


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