Friday, June 05, 2009

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Under the Bus

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

(It reads, "Analysis: Obama's Islam Success Rides on Israel")

We have no one to turn to except our Father in Heaven. Whenever Israel gets a bit complacent, we are swiftly reminded.

The USA has much merit, and Jews living in America have generally been well treated as any other citizen. But in international politics, there is no such thing as "friends". When Israel has been a useful ally to the US, the relationship has flourished. When Israel has had some benefits and some negatives for the US, the relationship has been manipulated and taken advantage of.

...And when the President of the United States determines that the relationship with Israel is in the way of his foreign policy objectives, then the relationship with Israel will be thrown under the bus.

It does not matter the truth of the situation, just that Israel is "in the way". This president is ALREADY renowned for dealing with those who get "in the way".

Hashem Yerachem.


Anonymous said...

its called gog umagog for a reason its the worlds final tikkun / correction . he speaks / looks / has the power of / is enslaving israel like pharoah himself before Moses was called by Hashem himself to perform signs and wonders with pharoah . This pharoah / obama knows ELOHIM ie power like pharoah but doesnt know YHVH / Hashem !

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