Monday, June 01, 2009




josh said...

I think that twitter is simply another way to waste time on the internet.

Another social networking 'channel' to keep in touch with more people than anyone can handle or spiritually should. Another race to amass as many as possible 'friends' and 'followers'. Another location to waste time in almost pointless chat with strangers (one past the talkbacks).

josh said...

Of course,
when more and more phones will be 'smart' - this could simply replace sms.


josh said...

Can someone analyse this thought process.

I think that I might have found a way to join twitter and exploit it for other people who might already be wasting their time on twitter. I figure that I joined facebook for that reason (with some success, baruch Hashem), is twitter along the way?

I wonder if by the next reply I'll be following 613 people.

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