Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sound the Shofar 'A Time to Wake Up'

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

With all that is happening in the world today we have to ask ourselves what going on?

We must pray to understand what it is Hashem is saying to us through all the messages He is sending our way. Tzaddikim of yore wished and longed for these days but asked not to see them. Why? OY OY VEH! We need to pray!

This is how we need to pray now:

My soul, awaken, stand, arise! Seek Hashem's face with all your might, contemplate on this!. My spirit, humble yourself, bow down to the dust. Worship Hashem! we need to leave behind our own assessment of the times and serve Hashem in total bitual, we need, if we are to make it through these trying times ahead of us to nullify our own desires and chochmot, to stop intellectual pursuit of all this and stand still and trust that our Heavenly Father knows what and how to do all of this.

"What you speak only after you have been humbled, and your words will be low, from the dust". Say to your self perhaps there is hope. Perhaps Hashem, L-rd of hosts, will be garious. Perhaps Hashem will act in accordance with all His wonders" that He performed for our forefathers. not perhaps 'VADAI' but,

He asks, "Why are you asleep?"Arise! Call out to Hashem! "Perhaps Hashem will consider us and we will not be lost." Perhaps He will have compassion on his poor impoverished people. perhaps He will have compassion! "Awaken and rise. How long, are you going to be lazy how long will you lie down? When will you arise from your sleep? like the verse 'alittle sleep a little slumber, alittle folding of the hands', It is coming, there is no time for slumber on your eyelids, Now is the time of your escape, 'like a deer from the hand of the hunter', 'like the bird from the trap.' "Remember, do not forget how you have angered Hashem our Elokim" for days for years! Yet His kindness has never left you at every moument, He is engaged in awakening you from your sleep. All the news of the day is an alarm clock and a siren of warning! Bear in mind how He arouses you in every possible way, to turn to Him! How can you sleep when there is so much noise and sound of confusion and catastrophe. All the nations are awakening to His call, just look at the proclamations, 'hints' and speeches of the heads of states. they are all revealing all but still you sleep how is it? In every way revealed and hidden, The frightening declarations and with a great voice that does not cease to call and all the powerful sofar blasts! It grows louder and louder day by day and minute by minute, What, Are you deaf? Behold, He calls forth in a mighty voice, proclaiming, "Awaken from your slumber and from your lethargy." But still you have not repented of your errors. you still prefer the path of filth you still remain immersed in the depths and mire of the vanities of this fleeting world. You still refuse to return to Hashem. You still exalt yourself and refuse to humble yourselves. You do not do the will of your creator, as your Jewish soul yearns and desires to do so. But do not despair, Heaven forbid, saying that your sins have attached themselves to you so that you fester in the midst and can longer repent of your foolishness; saying that they have enveloped you therefore I can not change, you say all hope is lost forever. Have mercy on yourselves and in the few days that remain to you in this world, which passes like the blink of an eye. Wake up turn around and humble yourselves and say there is hope. "there is hope!" The truth is that you still have great hope at every moment. " The mercies of Hashem have not ended; His compassion has not been exhausted", and never will be! But because of our sins they have been covered over and hidden from us! You have no idea the vastness and to what great extent is His compassion for all us, who truly desire to return to Him, even though we have not yet do so. Hashem's sole desire is to show mercy to those who yearn for Him and struggle to find refuge and a way to come close and to return even though they are constantly overwhelmed and have no more than a few days and years in which to act. Act Now!

His compassion overwhelms such people including me beyond measure, beyond what the mouth can speak and the heart can conceive. Be strong and always renew yourselves. Begin from this point on to serve your creator. Abandon your evil ways and disgraceful thoughts, forget your vanities and absurdities. Remove anger from your heart and set aside evil from your flesh. Connect your selves to Hashem! Do not return to your foolishness. Lift up your eyes to the heights and recall your original love. Awaken, arise, my spirit, arise! "Arise, express a new song. Do not dare to be silent, do not be still". Raise your sweet voices and open up your mouths bring pleasant words before the Holy One, Blessed be He, and let them shine.
My prayer,
Master of universe you know haw far I've fallen at this time. How truely far I am from the Tzaddik HaEmet! I've been draw after this generation, for my many sins have caused me to fall, and a sleep as strong as death has overcome me. I have strayed far from You and have fallen far from the seventy faces of Torah, so only the True Tzaddik can arouse me and help me to return to the Your Torah of truth. You have told us of your compassion and kindness. You have had pity on us and sent us the true and outstanding Tzaddikim who are on such a high level that they have the power to arouse us from our sleep by means of profound stories about the early years from our beginnings which speak of The Ancient One, The Elder, The Countenances of the Face, from which the seventy "faces" of the Torah receive their life force and beauty. We have fallen fallen so far from you. so that now you have given permission to the Tzaddik HaEmet to work with us to and awaken us from our tremendous sleep by means of wondrous stories which we can not perceive their Holiness. Yet we still have not repented of our errors we still lie in bed in a stupor and deluded, and we have not merited to awaken! How much more charity can we expect from you our king? Nevertheless, You have told us that through, and only through the Tzaddik HaEmet that there is no such thing as "despair in the world" at all, and a person should never stop praying 'even if there is a sword over his neck'. I declare now! That I have perfect faith in the power of True Tzaddik, and and in all the True Tzaddikim and Elders of Holiness, who draw down from on high, lofty and wondrous and awesome remedies with tremendous dedication in order to save a Jewish soul such as mine. They give each and every person hope that his efforts will not be in vain! And that the tzaddikim will guide him to his true rectification. Have mercy on me! So that from this moment on, I will experience the delight and Holiness of the wondrous and awesome revelations of consciousness, that the True Tzaddikim reveal to us through their holy students and their aw some written works until in this way I will arise in enthusiasm from the depths of my sleep to serve you all the rest of my days of my life. Amen!

"Ain shum ush B'olam klal"
Reb Nati


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  3. Reb Nati... thank you for the prayer we all need to cry out saying. May He hear us and answer our prayers.

    Thank you


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