Sunday, June 28, 2009


Same Sects Marriage

Oy, funny. From a friend via email. Is this new or old? New to me...

In an unusual display of unity, leaders of five Chasidic groups today issued a joint statement in support of proposed state legislation to allow same-sects marriages.

The groups represented were Belz, Pupa, Saatmar, Bobov, and Lubavitch.

"Of course we want same-sects marriages," said Rabbi Wurzma Shtreimel, head of the Belz movement. "A Belzer should marry only a Belzer. That makes perfect sense." The other rabbis agreed.

"If a Saatmar weds a Bobover, woe to their offspring," proclaimed Rabbi Praymita Gartel of Saatmar. "What would their children be-Saatovers?? That's totally unheard of."

The rabbis shared concerns about the dilution of their individual groups through intersect marriages. "The Tanya warns us," said Rabbi Mendy Pantz of Lubavitch. "If a Lubavitcher marries outside his sect, his children lose half their heritage. His son is not Lubavitch, just Vitch. And his grandson becomes a son of a Vitch."

At a separate news conference, Chasidic women expressed similar concerns. "It's less confusing when our kind marry their own kind," said Rebbetzin Donna Kittel, founder of a Pupa women's group, The Mamas and the Pupas.

To prevent intersect marriages, Belz rebbetzin Gitta Kapotah announced the formation of a new community matchmaking service, Wedding Belz. "We must protect our Belz," she said. "They're our family jewels."


  1. If a Saatmar weds a Bobover, wouldn't the children be Sabobniks?

  2. I like this one:
    "We are not in the Middle Ages, when wearing pronounced Jewish symbols was prohibited,"

    How about:
    So why are they wearing Middle Age Aristocrat Fur Hats?

    Such a non-middle-east non-sensible attire.

  3. This is why Judaism is dieing... its dieing from within. Idiotic attitudes that prevent Jews from marrying other Jews and promoting discrimination against others outside of sects that are meaningless to HKBH. We wonder why Mashiach hasn't come to us- our baseless hatred continues.


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