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Questions On Astrology

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths


#1 - As a noahide I have heard it being said that it’s alright for us to believe in astrology, and some quoted Rambam. However, don’t you feel it is wrong for us too, since the 7 laws covers idolatry, and one can become so obsessed with astrology and forget G-d is the Director of events?

#2 - If you don't believe that the stars have any independent power at all, that they are simply channels for distributing various influences from Hashem and that an astrology can interpret what influences might be predominant at a particular time, what character traits might be prevalent in a person and what they need to work on spiritually? Is that forbidden? There is certainly a long tradition of Jewish Astrology.


According to most (but not all), authoritative Jewish sources, a non-Jew is allowed to believe in the concept of “partnership.” “Partnership” is a belief that G-d has designated some power to certain entities, such as angels, or stars. However, no one allows any type of worship of these entities that house these imagined powers. All worship must be directed to the One and Only, Omnipresent G-d. But now that you know that this is an allowed, but not factual concept, why bother with it. Why talk to a servant when you can talk to the King?

Not wanting to rely on my own understanding, I asked a very well known rabbi your question regarding interpreting influences that vary from time to time. His answer was, “What is forbidden is to say that this is a good time to go out, or not to go out, to do certain things, or not to do certain things. To say that the times tell me that today is a good day for you to work on a particular characteristic trait is not forbidden. It is just stut (foolishness).


  1. Blessings. Thanks RAkiva for posting this reply. as a noahide it helped me alot. i find this site and writings very inspiring, and guides me much in my daily life. thanks.

  2. I would like to clarify a misconception. An ethical, professional Astrologer would NEVER say that a particular event or situation will happen. For one thing, Astrology simply does not provide that kind of information, and no ethical, professional who knows what they are doing, would ever state that it does.

    Nor would any ethical professional ever state that "that these stars and heavenly bodies are now “partners” with G-d in His creation." Astrologers view planets more as a sign posts on a road map of life's choices- not deities, not absolutes, nor pre-destined events.

    Astrology shows energies, influences, and possible patterns of behaviors, and that is all it does. You have choices, and options- free will to work around the sign posts.

    No ethical Astrologer would tell you that something will indeed happen. Nor would they ever tell you that you are subject to "the will of stars". Planets have no will- only energies.

    As an example, in Barak Hussein Obama's natal chart, he has Neptune in Scorpio, the 9th house. It is squared by the Sun in Leo and Mercury in Leo in 6th house.

    This aspect could show a liar- deception, or a writer or publisher of fairy tales, detective stories, or a corrupt clergyman, politician, or someone who lies about his beliefs, foreign birth, or philosophies, to fool people for political gain. It is his choice what he chooses to be, or do with his possibilities- not a planet's.

  3. Anonymous #1 - please note this reply was written by Reb Gutman Locks. He asked me to post it from it's reply on the previous article.


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