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The President said, Who Is This G-d?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Shemos Chadash - The New Exodus - Parshat Shemos 5:1

Binyomin came and said to President, "This is what G-d, the G-d of Israel, said: 'Leave My nation alone, let them make the desert bloom, let them be fruitful and multiply and settle the land.'"

The President said, "Who is G-d that I should listen to His voice and leave Israel alone? I do not know of G-d, nor will I leave Israel alone! For I am ruler of the world, and even the media recognizes me as god!"

(Listen to the end, after 25 seconds.)

Binyomin said, "


Anonymous said...

What is stopping the Chareidim from combining forces with the settlers? Seeing that both are now fighting the same root of evil - wouldn't it be beneficial to get the head rabbis together and make a pact? What's stopping you/them from doing this?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Now is the time for real achdut!

Shiloh said...

Whats stopping it, 2 things. Ego and they don't really believe haShem is real. They believe in religion.

Anonymous said...


I'm not with that Shilo. I think it's fear most of all. Fear of relinquishing power, fear of the unknown. And mostly - there is a missing link - someone to be the Go Between both and get them/us to shake hands and join forces. For once and forever. Enough. The dark ages are over.

Time to connect Jerusalem to Judah and Monsey to Shomron.

Neshama said...

The President said, why should I recognize the G-d of Israel, after all, Brian WIlliams bowed to me, not to any other g.....


Anonymous said...

He must be the gilgul of pharoh.

Neshama said...

Great video:

"I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God."

After all, the Editor of Newsweek Magazine, you can't get more authoritative than that .................!

AntiChr... anyone!
Let's look at those prophecies again.

BTW a great NY radio commentator is Glenn Beck, 9-11 am weekly mornings. Tongue in cheek analyses.

Neshama said...

Readers might be interested in an interview with Bibi Netanyahu from 2006 that covers most of what is happening now


david chaim said...

why post a video with x-tian images?

josh said...

Shiloh is half right. The Haredi leaders are quite powerful. At the drop of a hat, they can send Yehuda Meshi Zahav somewhere with thousands of young men to create a scene and headlines.

and the non-religious still suck up to them in the knesset since they are central swing players in any government.

But they aren't ready yet to join with the Hardal/Torani crowd. They still generalize all knitted-kipas and do not yet see the difference between 'modern' national religious and the torani/settler national religious which are much closer to Haredi than to parve old Mafdal.

Shiloh said...

Anon, I see your point, as well as Josh brings a good point. Fear of loosing power is from the Ego. The Go between they would not accept anyway, therefor they don't believe in haShem.

Anonymous said...

Had the Chilonim in America backed Ron Paul, instead of their pet candidates, then Israel would have had a free-hand. Sadly, they opted to enslave themselves and Israel along with them. As long as the Chilonim-Mitnagdim are allowed to remain in power the Torah-observant will continue to suffer, but that's okay, right? I mean Hillel did say, "Where there is no man, be a mouse," right? And now it's time for my daily cheese break. (squeak-squeak)

Reb. Nati said...

You'll need to do teshuvsh! you speak as if there is no g-d in the world he runs all and everything down to the last detail is controled by him. he recreates the whole world every micro second, perfectly. so stop complaining. for not one of you have even the slightest clue to what is about to happen. so do teshuvah and help each other with incouraging words of faith instead of holding the geula back by doubt. and the ones with the egos are those who think they know something. so stop judgement of others and only judge your selves. and with that please understand that not one leaf falls to the ground in this world or the 1000's of others without his permission.

Anonymous said...

I think I already judged myself. I did admit that I'm a mouse and not a man. Were I man, I'd take a real stand against those who seek to put the Torah-observant under their thumb. Further, I think I'm showing a sort of emuna, be it misguided or not, in trusting that HaShem is allowing Obama to talk all this smack and making demands of the Torah-observant Jews, whilst the Israeli leadership continues to destroy Jewish settlements. I wish that I had something constructive, encouraging and more positive to say. I'd like to say, "Don't be concerned. Things will get better." Unfortunately, given current trends, I think things are only going to get worse before the tide turns toward the better.

Anonymous said...

read the ramchal during gog umagog satan gets real fat above and the world does gog umagog below then with there arrogance like pharoahs the samech mem is taken from his name left with El . may it be this momment !

Shiloh said...

Not even one includes you by the way. Its comments like yours that drive the majority of Jews away from the Torah. In the end, the rabbis will be blinded so they don't screw it up for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Shiloh, are you talking to the Anon Mouse or someone else? Personally, I think what drives the majority of Jews away from the Torah is their own untamed yetzer hara. Making one's chasidut palatable for mass consumption isn't the answer, because the Torah isn't something one grabs at a drive-thru window and wolfs down during their commute to work. It has to be internalized, so it can be actualized and that's just something the majority don't want to take the time to do, because their too busy living la vida loco/loca. Blaming one's lack of observance on the hypocrisy or hashkafa or chumrah of others is just an excuse.

Anonymous said...

600 000 As One Body - Achdut

Each time the people are counted, the result is 600,000, more or less; in fact, the number 600,000 has become a descriptive term for the totality of the Jewish people. mystical level, the number 600,000 is identified with the number of souls comprising the Nation of Israel. The Talmud teaches that the arrival of the Messiah will transpire when all these souls are "complete."The son of David will not come until all the souls in the body are complete. (Yevamot 62a)

The perfection of quality of Daat is embodied in the Jewish people, and for this reason the letter vav,is especially connected with them. As Zohar (Levitiscus) states: "Israel has a knowledge of God" and this is the letter vav,. This is why number six (the numirical value of vav) is so often associated with Jewish people. The number of men of fighting age, who received the Torah at Mt. Sinai, was 600, 000; the Mishnah has six orders and so on. According to Zohar, the letter vav is the basis of righteousness and purity, truth and peace. The source of this qualities is daat, and it is this qualities which give a firm foundation to the life of Jewish people.

Furthermore, entering and liberating the Land of Israel in either Biblical or in present time is only possible when a number of half-shekel coins will reach 600 000 shares then nothing else is needed for completion except for the march into the Holy Land.

The idea of Promised Land is untenable without the existance of Chosen People, the rightful recipients of that Land. By accepting this promise , we may understand the purpose of the Promised Land as the place where the Jewish People can concentrate their energies toward revealing Godliness.

We have to use this opportunity to spread the knowledge to the millions of people. The network is already there. Through network of Jewish communities and centers all over the world we have to promote our project. But most important we have to shaken the world! The war in Israel is not just about land! It's also about hatred among Jewish people. Have we not yet realized that the nations loathe our very existence and will never suffer to take even the most minimal step to defend Israel? The Jewish people are alone in this world. The survival of IsraEL depends on it own effort. If Israel will not be defended in the nearest future it will bring another catastrophe around the world for all Jewish people.

We have to exercise our full right to self-defense and eradicate the global threat plaguing our people with death and mutilation. We have the right, we have the military ability, and we have the duty. We also have the right to defend ourselves in any manner we deem fit, regardless of what the US, EU, UN planed for us. But we must begin making decisions that are best for our people, and not those that we think will result in the least amount of international outrage.

More - http://daat.me/Achdut_Unity_.html

Shiloh said...

No Anon, it was to someone else, they know who I am refering to. The majority of Jews have zero problem with observing the Torah, but when it is added to, to the point of insanity, that's what I am refering to. Then how some of them speak, who would want to follow them as they think they are the gate keepers.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the plan is:

1) Settlers and Charedim join forces, build and grow settlements. Israeli government acquiesces.
2) Israel's relationship with U.S. grows cold. Financial, military aid are curtailed, at least until 2012.
3) Palestinians continue to multiply, growing ever more chaotic, violent, and committed to Hamas.
4) ... time passes ...
5) Moshiach!

It's step 4 that has me concerned. How does Israel survive during this period?

Reb. Nati said...

By being 'Bitul' to the the Holy Tzaddikim and thus the Torah and not with weapons and the like, as only Hashem can fix this. we on the other hands must nullify ourselves and know that it has and only will be Hashem that takes us out of the gualos. Bi Bi is not our last chance Hashem is! wake up! because by sleeping your killing the rest of us. It is your refusal to humble yourself that is the problem. we see it in the aftermath of the destruction of the 1st temple in Jer. the fact is you do not want to serve Hashem because He will not let you do it your way. this is not buger king have it your way. it hashem's way or the highway simple!

Shiloh said...

Doing it His way is not to submit one's self to a man. It's submission to Him Only. That's the problem here. Ohhhh, how those who love power and control want everyone to submit to themselves while dictating how the rest who refuse to submit to a man are prideful. Again, we see living prophecy of how the so called tzaddikim will be holding on to their power one last time.

If a person has a question, I agree they should consult with someone who studied their field.

Those who are truly humble attach to our Father in the heavens, following His instruction manual, the Torah. I refer to them as the remnant of Jews who will make it till the end. Don't follow the majority to evil, ummm, I think the Torah mentions that.

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