Sunday, June 14, 2009


A Pen

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Next week the hilulah, the ascension to the next world, of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, occurred on Gimmel Tammuz. We'll be sharing stories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe as we come up to this auspicious day. This story is told by Rabbi Leibl Groner, who was one of the secretaries to the Rebbe for many years.

A certain yeshiva student had a yechidus, a private audience with the Rebbe. He gave the Rebbe a "tzetel," a note wherein he had written a number of things, including that he would like a blessing from the Rebbe to find his soul mate. After looking at the note, the Rebbe told the young man that he had forgotten to sign his name. "Go outside and ask someone to lend you a pen. Sign your name and then come back in with the tzetel," the Rebbe told him.

The young man went outside and asked a man whom he found for a pen, signed his note and then went back into the Rebbe.

The Rebbe blessed the young man that "G-d should send you a shidduch (a suitable marriage partner) as soon as possible."

A little while later, the person who had lent the student the pen had an audience with the Rebbe. Among other things, the man related to the Rebbe that he has a daughter of marriageable age and is asking the Rebbe for a blessing that he should find a suitable match for her. "The yeshiva student who asked to borrow a pen from me actually made a very nice impression. Should I consider him for my daughter?" the man asked.

"Why do you think I sent him out for a pen?" the Rebbe answered.

The young people, in fact, met, got engaged and married.

From this story we understand not only that the Rebbe was able to see beyond the four walls of his office, but that he even knew from whom the young man would borrow a pen.


  1. I doubt. Assuming the Rebbi was really such a great person, would be really behave in a way that seemed to show off his kochos?

  2. That story indicated to you that the Rebbe was ch'v showing off? Really? What I see there is the exact opposite.

  3. Menashe,
    Not that he was showing off but that he was behaving in a way that could easily be misunderstood that way. He certainly wasn't hiding his kochos.

    How do you see the opposite?

  4. What I would consider a much greater maaseh would be if the Rebbe sent the bochur out to get a pen, and then told the father that, yes, he should pursue the shidduch and left it at that, without the need to tell the father "Why do you think I sent him out for a pen?". And just have them get married and live happily ever after and no-one would ever need to know that the Rebbe sent out the bochur with explicit knowledge that the father of his besheret is in the waiting room.


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