Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Israeli Sights - Cell Tower Art

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

In today's edition of Israeli Sights, we present...Cell Tower Art! While the average Israeli cell phone tower has basic orange-and-white "don't hit me helicopter or plane" paint, recently I've begun to spot those that have been decorated to be less...ugly?

This tower near Pardes Chana is decorated with lovely...lizards.
2009-06-20-- 001

and similarly, this tower at the Eeron exit of Route 6 is decorated with lovely...climbing & falling human bodies.
2009-06-01-- 069

Now this tower is something special, located right after the Bag al Baga (or something like that) exit on Route 6. My best description would be minimalist tree, or perhaps tree-icon style...
2009-06-20-- 005

Oh look mommy, it's a cell phone tree. Good thing you mentioned it son, otherwise I never would have spotted it. (Route 38 by Messilat Tziyon)
2009-06-20-- 007

Look Honey, someone is grazing their metallic sheep. Get your hacksaws, it's shearing time!
2009-06-20-- 004

Ok, the last one wasn't a cell phone tower, but it was near one!


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