Friday, June 26, 2009

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Factoid - US Foreign Aid and Israel

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Just had a brief argument on Twitter over why Obama feels the right to meddle in Israel and not in Iran. Person shot out "because Israel receives $100 billion+ per year in US aid." So, here's some factoids on US aid to Israel for when you encounter such ignorance...

US Aide, Year 2008

Israel - $2.4 billion
Egypt - $1.7 billion
Pakistan - $798 million
Jordan - $688 million
Kenya - $586 million
South Africa - $574 million
Mexico - $551 million
Colombia - $541 million
Nigeria - $491 million
Sudan - $479 million

75% of the aid to Israel must be spent IN THE US - which means it's somewhat of a stimulous package! The vast majority of Israelis have a very favorable opinion of the US.

Not so for the aid to Egypt, most of which is military aid. Who is the US equipping Egypt to fight? The only neighboring country with comparible military power is...Israel. The vast majority of Egyptians have a negative opinion of the US and are supportive of jihad against the West.

Pakistan's aid is clearly a bribe to help the US with Afghanistan. The people of Pakistan hate the US, support jihad, 9/11, and training camps for terrorists.

South Africa is not a friend of the US, and is a major weapons supplier to regimes the US would prefer not be highly militarized. The aid is for HIV assistance, which the previous government did not acknowledge existed.

Sudan is freaking genocidal!

So yes, Israel gets significant US foreign aid (less that 8% of the aid given to General Motors). For that America has a regional ally that can be counted upon.

The next 9 on the list...not so much.

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  1. 'Aid' of course is a very misleading name for these US funds.
    The plain ol' truth is that the rich 'receive' much more aid from the poor than the other way round.
    What a shame.


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