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A great one from Dry Bones...


  1. Does anyone know what this "11 days" business is all about? Is there a gematria on "Persia, 11 days, wipe Israel out of Existence"? I read it in the news and now here:

  2. I think Native Americans have legitimate claims to land and reparations, a thousand times more than any of teh plestastonians. Native Americans truly were ripped off, exploited, promised land only to see the promises broken, treated with cruelty and and injustice. A lot of people consider paleostonians to be "natives" of the land. Jews are compared to "colonialist". Hmph!To compare the injustice suffered by Arab Muslims in Israel to that of the Native Americans is to minimize what Native Americans went through. Furthermore it minimizes what the Jewish people have gone through. A tribal people finally returning to their Holy Land after millenium of horror,oppression, injustice and hatred at the hands of European Xtians as well as Arab Muslims. In any case this cartoon is no joke. Plenty or the radical pro-paleostone crowd would totally agree with it. I bet Chavez would dig it. And that guy in Brazil that blamed whites for all the problems in the world. This might be less cartoon more prophetic the way things are going.

  3. no,no, no.
    pleasem anyone who you know who uses this analogy please tell them to stop.

    comparing israel and the arabs to america and the indians/mexicans is totally distorted and does not help the jewish people.

    eretz yisrael is a holy place given to the jewish people in the torah direct from G-d. even the caanaanites migrated in. (cf 'this land is my land' by chaim kramer)

    using this wrong analogy only helps our enemies, G-d forbid.

    pleaes do not use it.

  4. It is not a wrong analogy.. it is only fair for us to make this analogy. Where in the world does the US get off telling Israel to give back land when they themselves took land that THEY HAVE NO CLAIM TO. Not only that, but they treated the indians horribly.. The israelis have treated the Palestinians with much more respect than the US did to the Indians or the Slaves. Shame on them for looking at Israel.

  5. creativemommy:
    nope. you don't know history and you don't see straight. learn your torah, learn your jewish history. learn the truth. there are a number of native americans who understand the righteous claims of jews to the sacred land of israel. lazer brody has pieces about the cherokee, for example.


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