Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Tzadik Emet - Part 2

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

(Part 1 here.)

Reb Nosson of Breslev wrote, "and the Tzadik HaEmet this is Rebbenu Nachman ben Simcha ben Feiga. The Tzaddik is gadol v'yoteir efilu more so than the kohen gadol who is the one who is in front and inside. Like it is brought in Sotah perek chaf daled 24 'lefney and bifnim penimi, me li? Who is this, who is in front and inside? me he? penimim? Who is this inside? He is more precious than the kohen gadol because he can repair averot that Yom Kippur can not fix.' It says in tractate Yoma, 'the sins between man and Hashem are repaired on Yom Kippur'. The Tzaddik HaEmet can repair sins between man and his fellow. This is higher than the kodesh hakodeshim! Gevalt!"

The talmid chochom, the Tzaddik HaEmet, like it is brought in Yoma daf peh vav that Yom Kippur fixes these sins but not those. The Tzaddik HaEmet can go in further and higher than the kodosh hakodoshim and to a place where the kohen gadol can not reach. The Tzaddik HaEmet can reach a place more holy and closer to Hashem, to repair what can not be repaired on Yom Kippur. Like it says in Mishlei, perek tet zain, 16:14 "The Kings wrath is like the angels of death, but the wise man, the talmid chochom/Tzaddik HaEmet will appease it". Reb Nosson explains the pasuk like this: there are sins that enter even unto Hashem, has v'shalom, and even Yom Kippur does not appease, but the Tzaddik HaEmet knows how to appease them. Thats why he is higher than the kohen gadol.

The Beis Hamikdash repairs only those things that are between man and Hashem. But the Tzaddik HaEmet knows how to Kippur/appease the sins between man and his fellow man. The soul of the Tzaddik HaEmet comes from a place higher than this so he is able to make wonderful repairs!

Let's be straight here. Tachlis b'shetach, we are ALL very very far away from the truth! There is a gap between us and Hashem. What is our avodah (divine service)? Klum shum davar (nothing)! Our merits are nothing! We can not even focus in this generation for a moment on our prayers. Or guard our eyes from looking at the most putrid of things in this lowly world! There is not one of us who has not fallen very far from the truth! The idea of kedushah atzmei, 'personal holiness' is far far from almost all of us! Which one of us has not once in this year had even a parve thought that has not taken us away from Hashem for just a second, not to mention all the evil thoughts that come upon us. What kind of pagamim (defects) we have created every minute in this coma we call life???

But don't worry, Hashem has not left us without hope. Every generation He sends us tzaddikim to help show us the way, and every so many generations a very special neshama (soul), the neshama of Moshiach, the exact same neshama as Moshe rabaynu, the exact same neshama as Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the exact same neshama as the Baal Shem Tov...

G-d willing, to be continued on Sunday, following the giving of the Torah on the holy holiday of Shavuos this Friday and (outside of Israel) Shabbos. Have a chag samayach, a happy holiday.


  1. nice article but mashiach ben davids soul the rebbe of chabad !is a neshamah klali encompessing soul of all israel this is slightly different then how you described . as well mashiach ben yosefs soul is of gevurah and the shoresh of pinchas according to the gra , the zohar says mashiach ben yosefs soul has to do with the transmigration of the wicked king yeruvum ben nevat . the arizl taught mainly chaim vital because his soul was of rabbi akiva who was judgement of kain and of mashiach ben yosef .

  2. Where is the source of the souls of Moshe have reincarnated in those you mentioned. Maybe the Moshiach, but his even is greater then that of Moshe. It will have to be to deal with certain other souls. Also, those other souls you have mentioned teach one to follow the additions to the Torah that Moshe was so against. Quite illogical to come to your conclusion.

  3. Ummm, Anon, unless the rebbe's soul has reincarnated, last time I checked, he is in a kever. Like Nati said, we are so far from Emet, its crazy. Also, in the end of days that we are in, the so called tzadikim will be totally blinded so they don't screw it up this time.

  4. the truth is the 10 tribes who are lost had it much better tottaly without torah and lost then we did amongst esau , ishmael and the erev rav and so called tzaddikim for 2000 years !


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