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The Tzadik Emet - Part 1

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

In this complex time, perhaps in this ultimate time, it's time to recognize that a rabbi from 200 years ago began to peel the veils from our eyes so we can understand. He was Rebbe Nachman from Breslev. Bres lev means a heart of flesh in Yiddish, there's a pasuk in Yirmiyahu, Yechezkel 36 - I'll take your heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh! (reference correction by anonymous commentor)

We are very short on time, just a little over a year to go. One year and two months to be exact until it has to come. The redemption has to be now to be 'before it's time', and as the pasuk says "even if I bring it in it's time, I'll bring it before it's time." In the next year much from the navi'im, the holy biblical prophets, must happen. We are well into and on our way to Gog u'Magog. They will come, once again, to divide the land, claim the holy city, and crush the chosen people. It is truly time to pray.

So I'm going to delve into a subject that I feel is critical to understand, yet difficult to explain.

I have asked myself, how is it that a tzaddik can repair me, provide me a tikkun? After all, I'm the least of the least, I'm up and down and all over the place. How is it that he can bring me up and to direct me on the path of teshuvah? By what merit can he do this? How is it he can bring me closer to Hashem, when I sit in the depths of tumah that flood us in this generation?

With thanks to Hashem, and in the merit of Rebbe Nachman and of Reb Nosson and all the holy the Tzaddikim and in the merit of our Holy Forefathers, I believe Hashem opened my mind and my sekel (intellect) just a little so I might come to understand a bit of what all this means, sharing truths that are recorded in the writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev and Reb Nosson and Chazal before them.

The question a person must have is, how can I make the tikkun (the repairs - the soul corrections, the tasks) that I have to make in this world and in this lifetime? I mean, I fall and get up all the time. Practically everyday, sometimes multiple times in a single day!

Recently in the parshat hashvuah it spoke about the Kohen Gadol and the talmid chochom, the Tzaddik HaEmet. The times are such that we need to understand who and what is the Tzaddik HaEmet. In parshat acherai mot, perek vav (6) there is a remez (a hint): How it is that the Kohen Gadol is able to come into the Kodesh HaKodeshim (the holy of holies). "Aharon shall bring near his own sin offering, a bull 'parah' and provide atonement for himself... With a parah ben bachor, chatat and the orlah.

How is he able to come to the Kodesh of the Kodeshim? "Only with the Nukudot Tovot". Parah is 'Resh Peh Bet', gematria 282 or the Torah of Rebbenu, 'Azamra' - "I will yet praise Hashem with the little I have left". With this seemingly small good point. Reb Nosson writes on this parsha in perek 16:17 "Any person shall not be in the tent of the meeting when he comes to provide atonement in the Sanctuary until his departure; he shall provide atonement for himself, for his household, and for the entire congregation of Israel".

Reb Nosson said, "Mamash I'm shaking just to read this in the nigla (the open written Torah), dafka it is l'miesha. It is not a hidden thing! It would be one thing you would expect in the Holy Zohar and in the writings of the Ari, but it is not just there. It is in the nigla as well as the nistar (the secret-the hidden). It is Halchah L'Miesah and they say 'there is no hidden treasure in the hidden'. What connection does it have to me? If it was only in the nistar, we could say we don't understand or that it does not apply to us. But it is brought down in the Talmud Yerushalmi in Yoma, perek alef, halachah heh; The Rabbis of blessed memory speak there on the language of the pasuk...

What does it mean that there shall be no man in the tent? They say not even the Adom Eliyon, (a concept from kabbalah we won't go into here), but even the spiritual levels of the image of man, would have no permission to enter. Chazal ask, how is it that the kohen gadol, a man of basar v'dom (flesh and blood), can come in?

We need to understand how it is the kohen gadol can go in on the holiest day of the year and repair what we have caused to fall to the kilpot (how our negative actions have given G-dly energy over to the other side). We will take the explanation from Reb Nosson and build on this little by little until we understand what is the Tzaddik HaEmet!

For 30 years I have davened to Hashem to merit to see the geulah. I have acted on my belief in Hashem, His Torah and His holy tzaddikim to change my ways and my life, and to be here in Jerusalem. Pray for me, for I'm not well (for HaRav Nasaniel Levi ben Chana Sarah). But I rely only upon Hashem, who has the power to heal. Not on flesh and blood but on the living G-d. As it says in Yishiyahu, "Not by might nor by power but by My spirit says the L-rd Of Hosts".

May we all merit a complete healing today, and a complete geulah today!


  1. Neshama said...
    Reb Nati
    Refuah Shleima, may Hashem have rachmonos on your family and keep you here to witness Moshiach's power.

    Forgive my naivete, but have you spoken to Rav Brody Shlit"a about a diet for your situation? I hope you are not still eating 'like before'? If one is not well, they need to assist healing by changing the nutrients that you allow inside.

  2. heart of flesh is found in yechezkel 36

  3. The hatred of the secular Jew is manifesting itself in illness. Nati, you must be very careful whom you have ill feelings towards. Be absoulutly sure you have not cursed anyone on this blog. For whatever problems you have, turn to haShem, NOT men. I hope you will have a complete recovery. Be well.

  4. Refua Shelema !!!
    Could you elaborate about the "1 year and 2 months" left before geula ? Where does it come from ?

  5. Neshama, are you the one who runs Dreaming of Moshiach blog? I was wondering about the anonymity of the tzaddikim who make predictions and/or post divrei Torah.

    Would they not carry more weight with people if they weren't anonymous?

  6. Miriam,
    dreamingofmoshiach is not my blog. But if you leave messages for the owner of dreaming, addressed to her, she may see them and could respond. No promises.
    My blog is habayitah.blogspot.com.
    I also agree that the anonymity does detract from the authenticity. However, we do know who 'Daniel' and 'Binyomin' are. And there is another new blog that she endorses, torahnews.org. Any other questions, please leave them on my blog. Wishing you well.

  7. Secular have problem of atheism religious of idolatry and pride thats how it works !

  8. Thanks, Neshama. And sorry!

  9. in some ways we are closer to geulah ever before in other ways these lasst momments are the hardest to get through thats why klal yisrael is in a collective coma !

  10. Someone emailed me this post, maybe you should re-publish it now.
    Just saying...

  11. "In the next year much from the navi'im, the holy biblical prophets, must happen."

    That was six years ago.
    Every shmitta for the last several decades people were saying the same thing. And now we're hearing the same stuff again.

    What are your time-for-moshiach thoughts now?


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