Thursday, May 21, 2009


A Spirtual Battle Begun

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

On erev Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day (observed a day early this year) the final spiritual battle has begun. Since the days of the navi'im (the holy prophets of G-d) we have been awaiting this day, with excitement for how it ends but with trepidation for what it brings until then.

On erev Yom Yerushalayim, many have speculated for years on who Gog of the biblical prophecy of Gog of Magog may be (a good bit of that has gone on here at Mystical Paths). Does this leader have this attribute from this Midrash or that obscure Gemora quote? In doing so we've been searching for the merest hints, yet the clear signs through major actions are about to burst forth in front of our eyes.

The West, starting with Great Britain, then France, then the United States, has messed with Israel since her reemergence. First they blockaded, then boycotted, then helped (gaining merit), then withdrew support at critical times, then provided it (gaining merit again). They have cajoled Israel, at the price of Jewish blood, to not go to war and defend herself, to stop wars short of complete victory - thereby guaranteeing belligerency and the shedding of Jewish lives into the next generation, and used her as a pawn in global politics. But they've also traded with her, invested in her, and provided some diplomatic coverage.

While they have cajoled, bullied a bit, boycotted now and then, they have never directly threatened her. Yet we find out today, on erev Yom Yerushalayim, that President Obama and the US administration has decided exactly how Israel will be taken apart, how Jerusalem will be divided, and what Israel will give up. Notice what Israel will receive is not on that list, as that's not important.

I do not care that the Obama administration is turning the US government into something not seen since the 50's with MacArthur and the 70's with Nixon. I am mildly concerned that the Obama administration is completely disassembling the financial system of the last 20 years that brought great world prosperity, rather than just re-balancing it and applying better controls. I am slightly disturbed that during the most serious economic downturn since the 1920's the Obama administration is instructing major industries on how they will operate, what products they will produce, and piling on major added costs which will delay recovery by years.

But these are all domestic US issues. If people want to give this man great power and continued approval because 'at least he's doing something', even if it's a really bad something, well that's the way democracy goes. But with Darfur, Pakistan meltdown, an Iran going nuclear, Somalian piracy, when this man singles out Israel as the main world problem and decides the solution is to diplomatically crush her - then I say meet Gog.

My dear American brethren and believers in Hashem, will you stand silent as this man turns the world against Israel? Will you sit by as this man follows the words of that galach (priest) last week who declared to the Arabs residing on the land here that he supports their "ancestral" right to the Land of Israel? Will you wonder whether it's still safe to say anything as Gog leads a coalition of NATO plus other troops into the Shomron and exiles 200,000 Jews from their homes in the name of squatters who were not here 120 yeas ago?

Will you pray for your brethren's safety today, or wait until the UN patrols the streets of Jerusalem as Gog brings the world leaders to declare Jerusalem no longer a city of Israel, a city of the Jewish people, a city of King David, but rather a city of the world, a city of the Vatican, a city where Jews fear to visit their holy sites but Arabs boldly walk where they will.

The time to raise your voice to your political leaders is NOW. The time to cry out to G-d is NOW. The time to be here to strengthen Israel is NOW. For, Hashem Yerachem (G-d of Mercy), the days of Gog u'Magog may be only 14 days away.

In truth, we do not cry out that things may change because the geulah may come. G-d forbid for one moment it should be that we don't want it, and want it today. Rather, we cry out that the words of the navi'im be quick, painless, bloodless, no one should lose their home or be injured, and we merit the arrival of Moshiach and the complete geulah (redemption) literally right away.

And dear friends, all of Israel, secular Israel, religious Israel, zionist Israel, and all the people of Israel all the world over - as well as those who hold by the path of Torah and Hashem without being a part of Israel, all are about to learn that we only have our Father in Heaven, the Melech HaMelachim (the King of Kings), HaKodesh Baruch Hu (the Holy One, Blessed Be He), to rely upon.

As the navi writes, Jerusalem will be a cup of poison for the nations. Yet they seem to wish to rush to drink, for they neither read nor believe the words that they themselves appropriated.

Happy Yom Yerushalayim. May we celebrate with Hashem (G-d) in the Beis HaMikdash (the Holy Temple) THIS YEAR for the pilgrim holy day of Shavuos.

(For the Israeli security services monitoring this blog for whom English and American rhetoric is not their first language... this article uses rousing terminology to wake people up to current events relevant to the Jewish people. It then requests them to take legal and appropriate political action, to take the religious action of prayer and good deeds for the safety and well being of the Jewish people, and to consider aliyah. Though strongly worded, no illegal, unsafe or security threatening actions are recommended, hinted, or presented.)


  1. "may only be 14 days away" -
    why 14 days ?

  2. On June 4th, Obama is planned to reveal his mideast "peace" plan in Cairo..... hence the 14 days from today.

  3. Interesting post Akiva. I hope this is finally it.

  4. brother,
    i am all for passion and love of israel and the jewish people. but fear mongering never helps. it often shuts down people's reactions.
    please be careful and thoughtful in how you word these things. you are almost ch'v indirectly accusing the 78% of american jews who naively voted for that idiot. what's desperately needed is ahavas yisroel!
    education towards torah ohr, mitzvot, and love of the land of israel.
    fear does not do that!!!
    please consider this.

  5. This is interesting... even though they've got a lot wrong, and by-passing the Xtian references, a lot of other people also thinks Obama is Gog:

  6. Akiba

    I keep telling my children who range from 5 years to 15 years, to hold on because we are in for a bumpy ride. I beg Hashem to spare us as much suffering as possible & to make it quick & clean. Amen

  7. i didn't know that but a good artice indeed.

  8. CAIRO - think EGYPT - the second galut will end like the first, and it's end will also start in EGYPT.

  9. Reb Akiba,
    Yes, America may very well be Gog,
    but the symbol of ancient Babylon
    stands in New York harbor. We call
    her Lady Liberty. So what. We all
    know what happened to ancient
    Babylon. I believe the destruction
    of America by HaShem is near.
    Please, forgive us here in America
    for electing a president who has
    completely abandoned Israel and all Jews worldwide.
    Shalom !!!


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