Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Peace Process in Context

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

The frequent refrain of the peace process and sacrifices for peace has gained world cult status. There is no other possibility anymore, the Arab PR machine has done it's job well. The poor peaceful natives-since-time-immemorial Palestinians are oppressed by the cruel Jewish invader.

Lets see an exact example of this from today...

(YNetNews Opinion) I am unfamiliar with any location in Israel or in the occupied territories where a Jew cannot travel to his own home in his car. Yet for us, the Palestinians in Hebron, this is the norm. Since 2001, the main street in Hebron's Wadi Hassan, which you refer to as the Zion Route, has been closed off to the movement of Palestinian vehicles. The street is only open to Israelis. Not even one Jew resides on this street. The road was closed off to us ... because of "security needs."

This argument is of course baseless, as Palestinians and Israelis travel side by side on many roads in the occupied territories. Yet the scare-mongering gets the job done.

...(The article goes on to describe how having this road closed embitters the lives of local residents.)...

The freedom of movement of Palestinian residents of the Zion Route will never be realized until Israel stops viewing us, the residents, as second-class citizens in the area.

See, Israel is racist! Palestinians are 2nd class citizens! Oppressed! Occupied! Now for other news from the same day as this opinion piece...

(IsraelNN) Three young Palestinian Authority Arab women were arrested Thursday for attempting to stab IDF soldiers at checkpoints. In the first incident, an Arab woman approached a checkpoint near Ramallah with an unsheathed knife. Later in the day, two teenage Arab girls arrived at the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpelah) in Hevron. Police began searching one girl's bag and found a knife. The girl threw the knife at the soldiers just as soldiers found a knife in the second girl's possession as well.

(JPost) Two suspicious men approached the Kerem Shalom border crossing at the southern Gaza Strip (a main pass-through point for humanitarian supplies into Gaza). An IDF unit crossed into the Strip and attacked the terrorists (and many times it's the clear hand of Hashem that's the only thing stopping the mass butchering of Jews).

Weapons and explosive devices were discovered on the bodies of the dead terrorists. Army sources assess that the terrorists had intended on placing explosives on the border fence in order to activate them near IDF patrols.

Every few days we hear of attacks like this. Sometimes the soldiers catch them in advance, sometimes (G-d forbid) the soldiers are injured (or worse). And this is WHY the checkpoints are there...

Because there is a unrelenting violent and hostile population bent on killing their neighbors, the Jews. The more attacks, the more checkpoints.

30 years ago there were no checkpoints! An Arab in Ramallah or Gaza City could get in his car and drive to Tel Aviv for work or Jerusalem for shopping. As terrorism increased, security increased. Simple as that - the Israeli government refuses to let their citizens be easily slaughtered.

Dear Arabs, sorry for the inconvenience.

P.S. Why is there airplane security in the US? There was none until the 70's, then metal detectors, then passengers to the gate area, then intense scans, then shoe and chemical check, and now it's backscatter full body scans. Why is that?

70's - "Palestinian" hijackings.
80's - Hijackings increase.
2001 - 9/11, Muslim suicide jihad by plane.
2004 - Muslim jihadi shoe bomber.

(Brief history of hijackings. What's all those Arabs doing on the list?)


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