Sunday, May 10, 2009


Live from Meron?

We DID go Live from Meron! Check out our full set of Live posts.

We're considering going all out on our Meron trip, hauling cameras, sound recorders, video cameras, and a laptop with a cell-model to be able to upload and update you hourly throughout Lag B'Omer.

However, given the size of the crowd and the amount of effort to get there, that's a lot to haul around and a good bit of financial risk.

So we are asking you: Are you interested in live updates from Kever Rashbi in Meron on Lag B'Omer?

We've seen tzedekah (charity) organizations offering this for a donation, either a call-in line to hear what's going on or a web link to see. Here at Mystical Paths, we're considering offering it to you FOR FREE.

All we have to know is that YOU ARE INTERESTED, that you're going to stop by and check out the updates. Please comment below and we'll make our final decision before we start our journey in the morning (G-d willing).


LEOR said...


Anonymous said...

Would love to see it...but its not worth the "tircha". I mean, more important that your Tefillos are full of kavanah on behalf of your readers and Klal Yisroel!!!

Anonymous said...


Neshama said...

I will send the link around to my friends
About what time NY ET should we tune in.

BTW I usually leave the computer on all night focused on the Kotel for all of Tisha B'Av - to feel connected.
So it will be with Meron. Thank you

Anonymous said...

If it's too much of a hassle and a burden, there are others that are hooking up live... Plus, I wouldn't want you to be busy with all the equipment.

Anonymous said...

Akiva I personally rather you save your money and you R Nati, and your families have a good Lag B'Omer!

Anonymous said...

3 locations in the Tzion are hooked up with direct live consecutive viewing.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice, but I don't feel that it is worth the tircha.
Maybe you could just put up a few pictures to show the feeling and that would be a lot easier.
Some heartfelt thoughts for the day would be good and that could be prepared in advance.
Thanks for sharing your spirituality with us.

Yehuda B

Anonymous said...

Reb Akiva, Reb Nati:
May the blessings of G-D be upon you in all you do. If you wish to share, as your hearts lead you to, so do. If it is too much, then know that just the offer you made is just as much berachos to us as if it had been done.
V'shalom b'Lag B'Omer v'kol tuv.

Yesha Galluzzo

Anonymous said...

please please do it,, i am there every year for the last 11 years i couldent make it this year,, let me atleast feel it from here

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