Monday, May 11, 2009

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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Thanks for your feedback. We've paired back our equipment a bit and plan on going LIVE from MERON for LAG B'OMER. Hey, the video feeds are great but lets face it, a low quality video stream from a web cam in Meron is no comparison to full quality photos posted regularly. So, G-d willing, we're live blogging from Meron at Kever Rashbi tonight for Lag B'Omer.

Here's our first update...

- We left early in the morning, destination Tzfat (Safed). Tzfat will give us a place to park, and we've arranged accommodations for late in the night (or early AM depending on how long we make it).

- Roads were clear and the drive was smooth.

- As we entered the mountains, we stopped at the kever of Havakuk HaNavi (the Tomb of the Prophet Havakuk)...

Trip to Meron and Safed - Lag B'Omer 2009

- As we came to the Meron-Tzfat road we came across police checkpoints. Somehow we passed through 4 without being bothered, but at the 5th we were turned around and told to head the long way to Tzfat.

- In Tzfat, we visited the kever Ari'zl (the Tomb of the Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzchok Luria, zt"l. While we promised to daven (pray) for those who sent their kvitilach (prayer requests) at Rashbi in Meron tonight, we also took the opportunity to bring your prayer requests to the Holy Ari'zt"l...

Trip to Meron and Safed - Lag B'Omer 2009

- One of my children joined us via bus which passed through Meron. Besides the thousands already there, she mentioned it passed a nearby tent city, where THOUSANDS of people have been camping out in preparation for tonights holy events.

- A commentor shared this link for a live feed from Meron this evening. NOTE it works only in Internet Explorer, and probably doesn't go live until after 7:30 PM Israel time (12:30 PM NY time - EDT). [Link valid May 11-12, 2009 only.]

- G-d willing, we'll be posting every hour or two with high quality pictures, some audio clips and maybe (if we can get the bandwidth through the cell modem) some raw video clips. We hope to start around 6:30 PM IDT (Israel Time, GMT+2 or EDT+7, that's 7 hours later than New York, 10 hours later than Los Angeles.)


Yaakov Levy said...

poem inspired by photo of the ari's kever:

sky blue

over the Ari

pure pure blue


Kisei Kavod

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