Monday, May 11, 2009

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LIVE from MERON on Lag B'Omer - Update 2

This is from 2009. The 2010 live streaming update is here.

Oy, the pushing, the dancing, the smoke, the kedushah!!!!

The oil is pouring preparing the bonfires! Some were light at 9:00 PM, some at 10 and 11, but some Rebbe's are waiting until Midnight - time for all to gather and prepare...

Lag B'Omer 2009 in Meron

Lag B'Omer 2009 in Meron

The band is playing in the main kever area, the bonfire burning, Ashrechem Ashrechem Ashrechem Yisroel!!!!

Lag B'Omer 2009 in Meron

And of course, the people are DANCING ON THE ROOF!!!

Lag B'Omer 2009 in Meron

...and the hachnachos orchim (taking care of guests) is awesome, as literally ten's of guest tents are serving cake, drinks, soda flowing freely in the kever itself, soup, cholent, kugel, tuna sandwiches, hot dogs, and the traditional chai rotal - liters of wine and grape juice.

My feet are aching, my eyes are drooping, my neshoma is soaring!


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