Monday, May 18, 2009

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from friend Moshe D. to the New York Times today...

May 18th, 2009 10:10 am

Mr. Cohen is consistent if not regionally astute nor historically accurate in his ongoing "analysis" of the Middle East and it's toxic realpolitik.

This area of the world is a vast and volatile tinderbox not because of the 1948 statehood of Israel, but for the feudal, tribal and cultural differences within Islam itself, the artificial borders created by the European powers in the 19th and early 20th Century, and the "black gold" that once seemed unending and plentiful, but now looks limited and without a economically viable "cross over" for the oily-garchs and their oppressed citizenry.

The intercine warfare between Shia and Sunni predates Israeli statehood by more than a few years. So does the Sunni caliphate of lore, and it's much yearned for rehabilitation. The vast Persian empire is a millennial memory that has been reinvigorated with a frothing vengeance by radical clerics and a once legendary military. So, too, the Philistines (nee, Palestinians)of biblical lore.

The Iranian revolution of 1979 had nothing to do with Israel, but with a ferocious loathing of America, the power behind the puppet Shah. The Iran-Iraq War had nothing to do with Palestinian demands for a return of recent "homelands", but with fear and loathing of and between two branches of Islam. Iranian backing of Hezbollah has just as much to do with undermining Lebanon, one of the last Christian toe holds in the Middle East.

If, G`d forbid, Israel never existed, all of this ~ the venomous intercene warfare, anti-Western terrorism and confrontation, street riots and assassinations over Danish cartoons, public beheadings of women in the Kabul soccer stadium, world wide opium-fueled narco-terrorism, assassination attempts on the Pope, subway bombings in Spain, nightclub bombings in Bali, whirling Iranian centrifuges, the imminent reality of a nuclear armed Talibanistan, Somali and Yemeni piracy, the Group of Islamic Moroccan Combatants (GICM), a vicious al-Qaeda affiliate, the Egyptian Brotherhood, and on... and on... and on...

Radical Islam needs no anti-Semitic stimulus package. Israel is not the problem, but the "tip of the spear" for American self-interests which are, in no small way, as self-interested as the Sunni, Shia, Kurdish and other tribal forces at play in the Middle East.

Perhaps the Palestinians would be satiated with a homeland in Anbar Province of Iraq, or all of tiny Kuwait, or... If they were, in fact, offered and did, in fact, accept the brotherly gesture of solidarity and empathy, nothing at all would change.

simply nothing.

Mr. Cohen, go to shul and pray for the safety of the State of Israel, for whatever glimmer of democracy that has been birthed in the vast cauldron of feudal hatred that is the Middle East, and for one highly trained and very able military ally in the ongoing confrontation with a virulent enemy of American interests and Western culture.


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