Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Diplomacy and Prophecy

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Did we see diplomatic steps indicating movement towards the geulah today with Israeli Prime Minister in Washington with President Obama? News reports state that the US President refused to "commit" to a time table to deal with a nuclear Iran, and the Israeli Prime Minister refused to accept the US and European position that the Palestinians should be given a state regardless of how hostile and violent they remain. In other words, they basically disagreed across the board.

(A conversation I had a short time ago...)

Friend: Bibi didn't cave in after all. WE now have HaShem as our only ally. By the way, I have believed for ten years now that Netanyahu might be Moshiach ben Yosef. Now his candidacy has become chezkat MBY. We shall see if G-d is with him in his endeavor to destroy Amalek.

He has identified Achmadinejad as Amalek's titular head in this generation. We shall see where this leads. Alone with HaShem at last. No American support, Baruch HaShem
This is worth celebrating: no cave in along with world-wide isolation.

Akiva: You're not the only one to say that. However, it will be a test of emunah (faith) for the Am (for the Jewish nation/people).

Friend: A test that is worthy of the Final Redemption. Bring it on.

Akiva: Armilus must rise to pull the other direction from within the Am (Jewish nation).

Friend: He is already there: Israeli President Shimon Peres. He will do his best to push the Two state solution to our problems.

Akiva: I truly hope and pray that indeed we are at the time, and it is so straight foward. For if we see the negative events in the navi'im (biblical prophets) as diplomatic and bloodless moves, we will have been greatly blessed.

Friend: Moshiach ben Yosef can only destroy Amalek and bring Edom to its knees. To take on the Muslim world, we will need Moshiach ben David.

Akiva: How do you read that? I would have said that in reverse. Further, MBY falls in that challenge.

Friend: I believe that any war with Iran will also lead to confrontation with the EU. His success is dependent on us. However it plays out, today is a day to drink a l'chaim.


  1. >I have believed for ten years now that Netanyahu might be Moshiach ben Yosef.


  2. wow! when bibi, binyamin was flying to the us i thought there is yosef going to pareoh!
    In mitzrayim binyamin was the youngest of the brothers who only appeared at the end and now here he's trying to do yosef(the 1st who went down to egypt) 's job, to negociate and protect his brothers.
    Life is a circle.

  3. I read this morning bibis domestic enemy is the media,so we need to get behind him and show him our support. Im not a blogger but you are. Get the message out

  4. Let's hope, but I am not holding my breath. Everyone has been wrong so far in all of this. Only haShem knows. Also, if it is not sourced from the Tanach, chances are it's for sure wrong.

  5. >"I have believed for ten years now that Netanyahu might be Moshiach ben Yosef."

    Based on what?

    How can someone who is not Shomer Torah and Mitzvos achieve that position ?

  6. It has looked like that to me for a long time, that O represents the "Pharoah that knew not Yosef" and this week we saw what might be this very 'meeting' of "Bo Le Paroah" (Parshas Bo, Shemos) is what really occurred. BE"H

  7. MBY is not necessarily religious..

    See http://www.koshertorah.com/PDF/mashiah-ben-yosef.pdf

  8. My guess is that this friend is Dov Bar-Leib. Whether or not that's true, many of us are really hoping that he'll blog again, and soon.

  9. i too believe bibi is MBY
    my prayers are with him all all of our people at this time
    i also thought he handled obama brilliantly...another benyamin - disraeli - came to mind as i watched bibi shower BHO with flowery praise that outdid the Arabs in their heyday of poetry! bravo bibi and baruch hashem!

  10. what about Moshe Feiglin?

  11. Hey, Akiva, have you seen this yet?Perhaps you've already posted on it, or someone has commented, so I apologize if I am repeating something you already know.

    Anyway, if it's any indication of what ZeroBomber has in store for Israel, Bibi is going to need all the courage he can muster to stand up to the cipher in chief.

    Regards, yonason (Tampa)


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