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Argh, Pope Preparations. Photos+Video

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

(All photos new from _today_, taken by Akiva. Video at the end is older.)

Upon entering Jerusalem this morning, we immediately came across the city preparing for the visit of the Catholic Pope on Monday (he'll be here for Lag B'Omer!)...
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

Many national leaders get greetings for their visit by the entrance of Jerusalem, though I don't know others who get their picture put up. There are religious activists who paint over the signs when something immodest is put up - the previous signs were some art show with a somewhat immodest female picture which was quickly whited out - it will be interesting to see if these survive.
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

One of the disputes and concerns over his visit is Mt. Zion and the Tomb of Dovid HaMelech (King David)...
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

The kever (tomb) is a bit run down. Not terribly so but not great shape for a site of great holiness as well as being a regular tour stop for both Jewish and non-Jewish visitors. Somebody did just donate money for rebuilding the outer entryway, which is every nice, but past that...
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

However, the tomb entry on the other side passes by the church next door and is also a walkway to a small church cemetary. Further, this side leads to the disputed second floor of the Tomb of King David, a site the Vatican claims religious significance of and therefore demands control of the property.

Being suddenly an important area with the arrival of the pope, it warranted a complete cleaning, sandblasting, installation of wheel chair ramps, and golden paint job...
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

Wait a minute! I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but what's that symbol on that stairway railing???
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

What in the world is a Freemason symbol doing on a stairway in the rear courtyard of the Tomb of King David???
Jerusalem Pope Kever Dovid

So with the cleaning complete, the Hello Great Visitor pictures up and the Vatican Flags flying around Jerusalem - the city declares itself ready for the visit.

Argh. The question is, for a bowl of lentils how much of OUR holy heritage will the Israeli government give away as a visitors gift to the pope? ...


  1. Blessings.
    i am an ex xtian, i was for 36 years or so and today am a believing gentile.
    it is only with the jews that i learnt what made in G-d's image means and why we should not hate any of G-d's creations, but can hate their actions and deeds.
    As such i truly hate the actions of the pope. if he calls himself a representative of jesus, then he should sit on a donkey minus the security, and know for sure that the son of god will save his representative on earth.
    i dont understand why so much money has to be spent for someone who refuses to give the birth certificates of the jews and many other jewish articles and is actually no friend.
    he should just stay in rome, with his volcanoes.

  2. Ok, I'm missing something. No doubt the Israeli government wanted to spruce up the place, the pope attracts global news coverage and all his travels are broadcast worldwide. This being Israel, the government was sure to do the absolute minimum necessary to keep up appearances, so the other entrance is left to crumble. I have no idea what is up with the Freemason symbol. But how do you extrapolate from that, that the Israeli government is going to "give away our holy heritage" to the Pope?

  3. For what it's worth: I see the Pope is scheduled to arrive in Yerushalayim on 11 May. I.e., 17 Iyyar.

    In other words, he'll be coming on Hitler's [y"sh] yartzeit. Hitler blew his own brains out on 30 April 1945, or by our calendar: 17 Iyyar.

    Question: Is this German Pope, a former member -- reluctant or otherwise -- of Hitler Youth, coming to, so to speak, put a final stamp to Hitler's end? Or to, so to speak, pick up where Der Fuhrer left off?

    I think I know the answer to that question. He ain't no friend of ours!

  4. A german pope whose chair is in


    What does the Holy torah tells us

    of a man with perpetual dark

    circles under his eyes?

  5. what does the Holy Torah tell us

    about a man who perpetually has

    sinister dark ringlets round his



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