Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Worldwide Mexican Swine Flu Case Map

Latest updated map here.


  1. Hello Akiva.
    Remember when they closed the kosher meat plant for illegals while giving a pass for all others. Seems a little fortuitous. Hashem is really watching. I think with the upcoming cinco de mayo festivals coming up, then with the incubation period of this virus this could turn into something really dreadful, really fast. Hope I'm wrong.

  2. Akiva, it is NO LONGER SWINE FLU. It is, as well as all the other flu outbreaks, listed by locale of outbreak, i.e. asian flu, spanish flu, etc. Therefore, it is known as the MEXICO FLU.

    The CDC and WHO say that there is no ban on p-gs. That the non-jews can safely cook and eat hazir.

    This flu is now strictly from person to person. It has mutated into a human flu.

  3. PS WE ARE UP TO LEVEL "5" now. Six is the highest. They expect much more.

    Well, AS FOR ME, I'm going to stay bli neder at home until it slows down. If one has to go out, wear those surgical gloves to avoid doorknobs, shopping carts, money, yes, bill and change - money, other people/crowds, no eating out, and the list goes on.


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