Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Meet the Poor

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

...Yitzchok looks a bit like a nebach - a bit like a New York bag lady. Yitzchok is poor, very poor. He's married with children. He tries to work periodically, but can't seem to hold a job. (See video below.)

He waits by the grocery store and collects tzedakah, charity, shekel by shekel ($0.25 at a time). In between people stopping, he says tehillim (Psalms). In many US and Western Jewish communities, there are no obvious poor. We're not so used to meeting someone who might not eat if we don't help. In Israel, the poor aren't hidden.

Yitzchok is the kind of fellow you just give a quick glance to, dig out a coin to hand to him and quickly walk away. This is understandable, but looks can be deceiving...

Yitzchok gives a blessing to all who give him tzedakah. He's constantly saying tehillim. When he goes to shop for groceries, his pockets are often empty, so he goes through the store with his list speaking to his Abba b'Shamayim (his Father in Heaven). He says, "Abba, I need this for Shabbos, and that for Shabbos...". His emunah is beyond measure, and his list is usually fulfilled.

If you start speaking with him, he will bring Torah, chassidus and kabbalah that amaze and astound. Stories are told of Yitzchok's blessings coming true, and those who have insulted him regretting doing so. While we've heard of it from chassidic stories, Yitzchok shows that you never know whether that poor person might be a hidden tzaddik.

The poor range from those who have lost their jobs and businesses, those who's health prevents them from working, Torah scholars who suddenly find the system no longer has the means of providing them with a stipend, and those who just never seem to succeed. Their hope is in Hashem, in their Abba b'Shamayim (their Heavenly Father).

Who will be a shaliach for Hashem? Who will be the messenger of the goodness of G-d? That's the opportunity available with charity for Passover!

Help us help them, for that's the only way we can. Every single dollar / shekel / euro given will go directly to those in need (minus the credit card processing fee, ~3%). We are not taking one penny or agara (G-d forbid)! If you'd like to 'tip the bloggers for Passover' and help us personally, there's a separate button for that. [If you want to do 1 transaction, you can mention in the Paypal message/comment box how much for the tip from the total amount entered.]

May blessings flow abundantly to all those who help, and to all of klal Yisroel, and may we merit the ultimate blessing of Geulah and Moshiach Tzidkaynu this Passover!

Moas Chitim - Charity for Passover

Tip the Bloggers?


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. His tehilim was so inspirational. Thanks for letting us get to know Hashems true servants and how to support eachother. Devora

  2. Is that in Ramat Beit Shemesh or Beit Shemesh?
    Where is Yitzchok from?
    That's his child? or Grandchild?

  3. HI
    what happened to the video?
    or is it my computer?

  4. the world exists because of yitzchak and thev 36 rightous jews

  5. Here it is years later and this post really helps me with my bitachon and emunah in HaKadosh Baruchu to know we will be okay in our Aliyah I'YH this year! Please G-d. Thank You!


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