Monday, April 27, 2009

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Growth After Death

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

If there is something that you would like to accomplish in this world, you better do it now, because none of us know just how much longer we are going to be here. We know that life goes on after this lifetime, but exactly where and what will be there is pretty much a mystery.

We do know that our bodies stay here and return to the ground from where all matter comes, and it will be our souls that go on. But souls without a body cannot do anything. So how can there possibly be growth after death?

Reciting the praises of the “Woman of valor,” we learn that “her lamp does not go out at night.”[i] The simple meaning of this is that she is busy even at night. But there is a deeper meaning here, too. The darkest night of all is the darkness of death. But even in death her light does not go out! She is still busy even then. How is this possible?

While she was here, she set things into motion that benefited the world. Now, even after she is gone, some of those things are still going on. Her children are busy doing kindness for many people. Each time someone is helped by her children, not only is the poor person helped, but the child who helped the poor person is helped, and so are the parents who put that child in the world helped by that child’s kindness. The woman also set up a wedding dress charity. This charity lends out beautiful wedding dresses to poor brides absolutely free. These brides are so happy, and their new husbands love their brides even more when they see them in these beautiful dresses. With each happy wedding, the soul of the woman of valor who set up the charity goes up a little more.

Your students, the books you wrote, the people whom you helped to recover, the free library that you endowed, anything that you did that still benefits the world after you are gone will also benefit you, even after you are gone.

We can keep on growing even after we leave this wonderful world of opportunity.

[i] Ashis Chail


Anonymous said...

gee, thanks. no stress, right? no faith that H' will help.

this is what really ticks me off about some, not all, religious people. this Now or Never, or Be Careful or Else kind of language. don't you realize that this only creates stress which is NOT healthy.

give us all a break please!!

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