Monday, April 20, 2009

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Dreaming of Peace Above

by ANONYMOUS at Mystical Paths

During Hallel on Chol HaMoed Pesach (Passover), I was standing near my Rebbe davening (praying) in Jerusalem. We were singing at the top of our lungs and dancing...

Suddenly we weren't standing there. Instead, all of us standing in this bright light. There was a great light coming from the bimah (the Torah lectern), and all of us were in white. Then I saw a yud and a heh on one side and a vav and a heh (the 4 letters of Hashem's holy name) on the other side. They moved together, the yud and the heh came together and the vav and the heh came together then these two groups started to come closer.

Then a voice said "if you would but worship Me like this every day, in simcha (joy) and achdut (unity)."

Then I felt like I had a belt pulled tight around my stomach and was back in our shul (synagogue). I wanted to tell the Rebbe, but was afraid that it was just me or that he would think that I was crazy, so I was silent. At the end of Hallel the Rebbe turned to me and said, "nu, what do you have to say about that vision?"

I almost fell down. I just stood there and shook. Others continued dancing, and afterwards they came to me and said "Where were you? You were shining brightly with the Rebbe, and for a bit it seemed like you weren't there." I starting shaking again as I tried to share the brief message I received from above.


yaakov said...

bH, i am so glad to hear this!!!

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