Monday, April 20, 2009

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And Don't Forget The Music

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

I ran into a friend of mine on my way to the Kotel. I had not seen him for some time. He told me that he has started a Jewish web site that has tremendous potential. He said that it has received as many as 50,000 viewers a day!

He said that things have been different for him since he was at Gush Katif during the expulsion (2005). “I used to play the guitar and sing, and I would have a lot of Shabbos guests. But now, after I saw what Jews did to Jews there in the Gush, I don’t feel like doing those things anymore.”

I asked him what one thing had to do with the other. “What does your having seen that cruel expulsion have to do with not having Shabbos guests?”

He answered, “That I am a part of those people who threw those Jewish families out … who blew up those Jewish homes… I don’t feel like I used to.”

“You are making a big mistake.” I told him. “When our principles are attacked, even if it is by our own people, we have to fight back. How can I fight back? I don’t have a gun. I don’t have a tank. True, but I have tefillin. And I can go out and round up thousands of Jews and have them put on tefillin and this will help bring us together. Why do you think G-d sends us all these troubles? Only to bring us together, and if we come together before He sends the troubles, He won’t have to send them.”

“Be smart,” I said. “I don’t think the answer is to punch Achmad (the Arab) in the face. That’s not going to make him move to Los Angeles. He will just go and punch some poor Jew in the face, and he will get his friends to do the same, too. But if I buy him a ticket to LA, he will be glad to go.”

“But what can I do?” he asked.

I patted him on the chest and said, “You have the perfect tool to fight back with. Your new web site is designed just to bring Jews together. Go, work hard. Make it a big success. Not only will you fight off our enemies, but you will make a decent living, too.”

He smiled. He saw that he was letting what he hated win over him. When you wallow in hatred, that hatred never gets to the person you hate. It stays right there in your chest. When you cry because someone hurt you a long time ago, you are letting him hurt you again today. The only way our values are going to win is if we pick ourselves up and go spread them around.

And don’t forget the Shabbos guests and music, too.


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