Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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Tzedakah - Charity for Purim - An Appeal

Jerusalem Post - Recession a Catastrophe for Charities - Recession and unemployment are creating a complete catastrophe for charities. "This is a worst-case scenario, a nightmare"... a 50-60% increase in people requesting food assistance and a 25% drop in donations.

Dear friends, the economic situation around the world is frightening and many of you are worried about your job. Your investments have sunk. Things are not easy.

But for some the situation is much worse. Social welfare provided by Israel won't keep people from starving, nor keep a roof over their heads. Charities help, but as noted above they are in trouble.

One of the biggest mitzvot of Purim is Matanyos L'Evyonim, sending gifts to the poor. This year they need it more than ever.

We at Mystical Paths, Rabbi Nati and Reb Akiva, are offering to help. We will take your donation and distribute it to the poor here in Israel, for the mitzvah of charity and the mitzvah of Purim. We give you 3 options:

1. Fulfill your halachic obligation. Specify where you are and _as your agent in Israel_ we will distribute it at the appropriate time for your obligation. (Example: You live on the US East Coast, we distribute at 2:00 PM here - 7:00 AM for you on Purim day.)

2. Help the extremely poor of Jerusalem. We'll distribute _in Jerusalem_ on or before Purim so the poor may prepare for Shushan Purim in Jerusalem (Purim is celebrated 1 day later in Jerusalem). Such joy it will give them!

3. Help the poor in advance in Israel. We'll distribute _before Purim_ so the poor may enjoy the holiday b'kavod (with respect) - knowing they'll have food for their family.

As a special bonus, advertiser Remarkable Maven will send a signed copy of The Trail to Tranquility by Rabbi Lazer Brody (limit 2), or Chassidic Pearls (limit 3-not signed), or The The Garden of Yearning (not signed) to the top 5 donors.

Every dollar, shekel, krona, euro, pound, peso, or ruble donated goes directly to the poor. No expenses, no overhead (except Paypal and currency conversion charges, usually about 4%). Please, help out today.

May Hashem bless you abundantly for your help! I know you're worried about your job, your home, your bank account. So am I. But there are those who are worried about BREAD, HEAT, SHOES for their children. It's up to us to help.


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