Friday, March 13, 2009


To the Tzaddikim I Shall Go

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

TIME FOR SENDING A KVITAL HAS PASSED, THE KVITALACH AND PIDYONOTE ARE BEING PREPARED FOR THE TRIP NOW. The donation button has been removed from below. The donation button on the blog sidebar is for special circumstances Torah students.

G-d willing I'll be traveling to the sites of our holy ancestors and tzaddikim in Eastern Europe on Monday (the 20th of Adar - 16th of March) for four days of prayer the holy kevorim of the Tzadikim.

Anyone who would like their kvital - prayer note - carried to these holy tzaddikim may send me theirs along with a small pidyon nefesh (a charitable contribution) to be taken. Sorry for the short notice, they must be in hand by Sunday morning. Special donation button at the bottom of this post, that will allow a note to be added with the names for prayer, name + mother's name.

G-d willing, I'll by stopping at:

Rimminov; to Rav Menachem Mendel of riminov, and Rav Tzvi Hersh
Dinov; to Rav Elimelech the Bnei Yishachar
Linchet; to Rav Naftali Tzvi of Rofshitz and Rav Elieizer Shaphira the son of Rav Zvi Elimelech
Lizhensk; to the Noam Elimelech
Primishan; to Rav Meir, Rav Aharon Lev, Rav Avraham Chaim from Meleib
Viznitz, the holy admarim of Viznitz;
to the toldos Yaakov Yosef
Aniploi, to Reb Zushia, The Holy Maggid of Mezeritch, Reb Dovid Sofer, Rav Leib HaCohen the Or Haganuz
Sadigora; to Rebbe Israel of Razhin
Belz; to Rav Shalom, Rav Yehuda, Rav Yishakar Dov, Rav Elieizer Rokeach
Uman; to Rebbenu Hakadosh Rebbe Nachman of Breslev
Postov; Rav Avraham HaMalak the son of the Maggid
Anatevka; Rav Mordechai of Chernoble
Austro; Ma Harsha
Spedtevka; Reb Pinkus of Korvitz
Meziboz; Baal Shem Tov, Reb Baruch the Degel Ephraim, Apter Rav, the Ohev Israel,
Berdichiv; Rebbe Levi Yitzchak

I'll be praying for all who wish to a kvital (a prayer note, the name and mother's name to pray for) and a pidyon nefesh (a charitable donation). May call Klal Yisroel receive answers to their prayers!

Note: This trip is by Rabbi Nati. He can be emailed direct at nati -at- mpaths d.o.t. com (human translation to email address format required).


  1. I have a question are you allowed to leave Eretz Yisroel do daven in Chutz Laaretz sounds like saying why buy it from the wholesaler if i can get retail especially since its not like Reb Nachmun who said come to my grave. I think it is actually against Halacha do leave Eretz Yisroel can you give me a MAreh Makom for the allowment of this behavior?

  2. IS there one?

  3. I believe your question is a valid one. i myself have asked the question and for that reason on prior occassion when the idea came up to go to Umman and I was in Israel i came to same conclusion that I should not go.

    However, there are cases in halacah when one can clearly leave Eretz Yisrael and go to Chutz laaretz. One example is for purpose of parnassah (even one of the Tribes made it a practice to go outside israel to make parnassah and from the proceeds they supported Torah Scholars in israel (Yissachar - Zevulun).

    I had such situation just now where I needed to go to Ukraine on business (and after months of tryping to push it off ---- I no longer had a real reason to get out of the trip - so i went). Once in Uktraine I took a day and travelled about 1000 kilometers to go to Kivrei Tzaddikim (Rav Levi Yizchak of Berdichiv and thr Baal Shem Tov etc. in Mezebohu).

    I think the question can be raised that if there is a serious situation and you feel the need to daven by Kivrie Tzaddiklim of such high caliber, that perhaps there may a basis to say, in the context of - for example - spiritual pikuach nefesh - that you may be permitted to go.

    One specific example, for someone who wants to have the promise that Reb Nachman of Breslov to be a personal advocate on his behalf and will do all in his power to say a person's spiritual soul if such person recites Tikkun Kalali at the kefer of Reb Nachman in Umman (and also give tzedakah in Reb Nachman's name as that too is part of the requirement), then for someone (most people) who need to do a tikun klali, at least once in life, then perhaps this is a form of hatzlat neshamot, and thus would/could be permitted to leave Israel, for such a trip/reason.

    i am not a Rav, but I believe this could be applicable. The Baal hatanya writes by Charity that you can give ALL your money to Tzedakah and not violate giving more than 20 percent, if your giving to save your life.

    Kol Tuv and Blessing to all Am Yisrael.



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