Thursday, March 26, 2009


Stop Complaining It's a Sin

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

The root cause of all our sins and all our problems and the most evil trait is "Kifuy Tovah" - Ungratefulness! And the largest source of sorrow in the world is "Bachyanut" - Complaining. It is brought down in the Midrash T'Chuma Parshas Balak that the reason for "The Attack of Amalek" was (and is) because of ungratefulness. This is the largest single source of despair in the world - that we do not thank Hashem for everything. It closes all the doors and windows of shefa (G-dly sustenance) to the world. It is like building steel gates to blessing.

Hashem is only good. 'Aseh Tov Hashem'. How good is the Lord. 'Todah Rabah Hashem yisbarach'! Thank you Hashem! 'Kamah Tov Hashem' How good is Hashem!

This is a description of the 'midot rahot' evil character traits. 'Wickedness' is this trait of 'kifuy tovah'. It is the source of all doubt and trouble. The worst sin is that we are not grateful for what we have been given. Bachynut on the other hand is a poison to your soul and the source of sickness in the world.

From Shemot we learn from the exodus from Eygpt: we were freed from slavery and then we complained about every little thing. We saw great miracles and the splitting of the sea, and we still complained! About nothing! Instead of praying and thanking Hashem for all that He had done we focused on the lack! The old adage of the glass half empty instead of half full. WE didn't have to work, we didn't have to pay for anything. We were not sick, our clothes didn't wear out. our shoes grew with our feet. We were not cold and were not hot, all we had to do was to learn. All was a free gift from Hashem from pure love. Hashem gave all we needed.

What was there to complain about? Are you in the cancer ward, handicapped, in prison Hashem forbid. No? So there is what to be thankful for! Stop to look at what you have instead of what you think you need, which by the way is more than likely something you want. Instead know that Hashem provides you with all that you need. If you do not have something then more than likely you do not need it or Hashem wants you to pray for it. Instead we're being spoiled ungrateful children crying for something that we just want.

The world where it is today needs shefa and blessing, and the fastest way to reciev it is to thank Hashem.

The root of problems in the home is ungratefulness, shalom bayit problems are often being ungrateful to our spouse. The problems with the kids is we have not taught them to be thankful. They think they deserve something (if not everything!) and when they do not get it they act out. They learned it from us! We are spoiled!

The Holy books explain that the root of all greed and theft and murder is a result from this 'mida rahah'.

The repair for this is to thank and thank and to be thankful for all. As you start to practice this you will feel better and the whole world will start to look like gan eden. The positive effect will change your world, the windows and doors of shefa will open wide. When the pipes of shefa are plugged and clogged we can not receive the blessing that Hashem wants to give us. We need spiritual liquid plumber - that is thankfulness.

Make a list of all the good that is in your life. Take just a half hour and thank Hashem for everything your can think of. As you go through the day and happen to remember something new, stop and thank Hashem for it. Watch all the windows of heaven open to you.

It's your choice to cry or to sing! Our Mitzrayim today is this ungrateful attitude!

The next step is to tell someone else what Hashem has done for you. Just start to sing 'Aeizeh tov Hashem, aeizeh tov hashem, cama tov hashem, cama tov hashem,' 'Todah rabah lacha hashem yitbrech, todah rabah lacha hashem yitbrech', and watch all the clouds of despair disappear from view.


  1. This video will help..

  2. It works perfect to the tune for "Ein K'Elokeinu" - Aizeh tov H', kamah tov H', todah raba H' Yisborach.

    I had woken up this morning thinking mamash this thought.

  3. Thank you for the lesson and the correction. I repent! I'll stop my kvetching and just give thanks.


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