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Politics and the Jews

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Commentor Shiloh asked: "I am sure you have noticed the choice selections that Obama has made to be part of his gov't. Mostly anti-Israeli. What's your take? I sure appears the final shot at us is about to happen."

Geulah fever has been ramping up over the past years. Bush was Gog, Olmert was Armilus. Now Obama's Gog and maybe Lieberman is Armilus? Or maybe Putin is Gog and...

During the days of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, we literally felt geulah in the air. Moshiach was very much in react, just another mitzvah, a little more effort and we'd make the connection. We weren't relying upon our own guesses and best understanding to interpret world events to the words of the navi'im, we had the words of the Tzadik HaDor, the Rosh Bnei Yisroel, to give us that understanding. Of course, it wasn't meant to be.

In the years following, there was a bit of geulah desperation in the air. We tried our best to understand the words of the Rebbe along with the events of the time in their best possible light and continue to believe the geulah was just a hairs breath away.

These many years later we find ourselves again in a time where world events seem to be closely aligning with the words of the navi'im. Multiple times in the last 4 years (during the years of this blog), we've seen mere inches away. Words of tzaddikim and mekubalim have hinted the moment is here. But it's another year, world events continue to move, and we still await Moshiach's coming every day.

With all that preface, I'm going to give 2 answers to your question:

1. The Jewish people have been part of the golden age of EVERY major country & empire of the world (excluding the Chinese kingdoms, Mongol empire, and Japanese sphere of influence). Either the golden age starts to end and the Jews are chased out, or the Jews are chased out and the golden age crashes.

As fortunes have turned for the US, it's no surprise to see the rise of "Jew blamers" and general anti-semitic attitudes.

2. Part of the Geulah process requires the ingathering of the exiles. For the world to begin making the Jewish people uncomfortable in their host countries is no surprise.

For the world to turn on Israel is right out of the words of the navi'im. It seems to me that Ovadiah describes the US experience.

In any case, it's wise to be vigilant and ready to move as necessary. Whether because of simple changes in economic and political fortunes, or whether because of active attitudes that begin to turn against the Jewish people.

However, I wouldn't become overly focused on geulah fever. While we hope for Moshiach's coming every day, we can't yearn and stretch towards it every day without suffering from burnout. We remain subject to human nature.


  1. Thanks Akiva, May it be soon at anyrate. Akiva, the last verse of Ovadiah is key. Is there elaboration of this verse that you could point me to. Hebrew would be preferable.

  2. This person has been placed in the NSC. I think her foot twirl when the subject of Palestinians is brought up is interseting as well as her willingness to suggest risking the 'alienation of a large constituency with political and financial import'.

    Obama Adviser Samantha Power Calls for Invading Israel

  3. What I hear in both comments is the need for all Am Yisrael to strengthen their emunah. When it is so easy to pack up and move to Eretz Yisrael, why don't they? As Rabbi Lazer Brody explains today too many of Am Yisrael are leaning on "wobbly reeds". The only thing keeping people from making Aliyah is their own minds. This is where the general Geulah, as Rav Shalom states, begins. When Am Yisrael begins to open their minds and rely on emunah, trusting in Hashem, and not worry about political alliances, economic depression, excuse me recession, or any other catastrophe, then and only then will Shiloh's question have no meaning.

  4. Annon, why don't you use your name? Making Aliyah is easy to say. Sure it takes emunah. So why don't the rabbanim start with actual Torah commands that they completely ignore, such as we are strickly commanded to cleanse the land. They are a bunch of hypocrites. The faithless leaders should be leading the way, as did the Hebrews of old and performed the mitzvoth of the Torah, and not replacing the more difficult mitzvoth with an incredible array of fences, then stating that if we performed all of those, then the land would be cleansed on its own. Such incredible incredible chilul haShem. My gosh, why won't we wake up. Why won't the faithless leaders like R. Brody and company wake up to this fact. They should be teaching the Torah of Moshe, and get away from the the replacement theology they have developed over the years. Until they take the immense plank out of their own eye, don't ever expect the sheep to take the speck out of their own eyes. You wonder why the pasuk of us being tormented by a "none people" came to be fulfilled. We where warned, we refuse to listen. Us regular folk cannot gather the sheep, it's the job of the leaders to wake up now. Show us what Emunah is, then expect a massive following. Until then, enough of the hypocrisy. If you are humble enough to listen, instead of deleting this because it defends the Torah, but it is rightly critical of the leaders who should be leading, then we will go the hard way. If we would only heed the words of our Torah.

  5. Shilo,
    That's why the general Geulah begins with the mind. First consider all the fences that must be reconciled. Hashem would not have allowed the Eretz Yisrael to become a state for the desecration of his name. People choose that on their own. Think of instead the massive economic problems that would happen if all of the galut decided to come at once. Massive invlation, lack of housing, lack of food all of which would be waiting for Am Yisrael. Instead, think of what cleansing of the land took place before Am Yisrael entered. Instead, think of the massive amount of emunah that only 20% (as our sages teach) of Am Yisrael had to evel leave Mitzrayim. Be very careful when you say that a Torah Sage is desecrating Hashem's name. Be very careful when you think the plank in their eye is larger than those who are in the Galut. The Zohar states that those who have the emunah to live in Eretz Yisrael during the birth pains of Mashiach and through his coming will be given the wings of malachim. Also, in Tikkunei Zohar it states that those who have emunah to live in Eretz Yisrael during that time are the true "Yisrael". Instead, remember if the sages say that the coming of Mashiach is as it was with Moshe Rabbeinu, then those in the Galut will spend an extra 40 years in the dessert learning emunah after they leave it and before they enter Eretz Yisrael. Please, please, consider all of the opinions and reconcile them first.

    What's in a name, anyway? Just because you identify yourself as Shilo, doesn't mean that anyone knows who you really are. Please, there are two sides to that sword.

  6. Also Shilo, if making aliyah is such an avera as you seem to think, then the next question is to Rabbi Akiva. Why did you make aliyah, Rabbi Akiva?

  7. I don't do the Annon or fake name. Would you like the Hebrew spelling, the go ask your sage to explain it to you. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Who said Aliyah is an avera, been there, done that. I long for the day that all Jews can be living in our home, living via the Torah. Currently though, there is not a lot of support from the leaders who have not been sold out. The decent ones are mostly unknown or silent because of the wickness out there. The Zohar is not a replacement for the Torah. That is my point. Quote this and that and ignore the Torah of Moshe. Follow this fence, and ignore the heavier Torah mitvoth. HaShem has allowed the events of this world, and will continue to do so. We have free will. We choose to ignore Him, we take the hard road as is happening today. We listen, He will step in. The keys are in the hands of the Rabbanim. They choose to guide the sheep to Torah, or they choose to guide them into religion. Shabbat Shalom

  8. hair's breadth


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