Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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A New Gift from Hashem

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Each and every day is a new day, an entirely new creation. It will never exist again, ever. So every day is a new start, an opportunity to start all over again.

Rosh HaShanah is a time to resolve to be better in the coming year. Rosh Chodesh is a time to start a fresh the coming month. Each are imbued with a special energy to regenerate life. However, it is important to remember that not everything happens at once. "One who grabs a little at a time will be successful" (Sukkah 5b).

Lets focus on the most fundamental truth in living an Emunah lifestyle and the most dificult challenge we face. That being...to focus only on today.

Today is the time of Avodas Hashem (service to Hashem). We can't serve Hashem yesterday as it is already spent. We can't (yet) serve Hashem tomorrow, for it's not here yet. So the only time to serve Hashem is...today.

One of the reasons that the Mishnah in Avos (1:10) teaches us "To love work" refers to Avodas Hashem. "To love your work" means to get absorbed in what you do, with proper focus and attention. In short, to give Hashem your full and complete attention...today.

Every day is a new opportunity to grow and develop in many ways. We can develop our initiative and enthusiasm to enjoy every new day that Hashem sends our way. The challenge is to realize that every single morning Hashem bestows upon us a new challenge, a new day. If we internalize this, we can developed more energy, zest, and ongoing joy that can keep us going throughout the entire day. When we say the words "He renews with His goodness, every day, the work of His creation" we should be very thankful and grateful for the new day, a new gift from Hashem.

One of the great benefits of focusing on a new day is the feeling of choice. You can strive to make it a great day, and Hashem will help you to succeed, for "on the path one is determined to go, he will be led" (Makkos 10b). Today, it's all up to you, it's in your hands!

And all you have to do is succeed...today.

(Photo: Looking Up at the Western Wall, by R. Nati)


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