Sunday, March 22, 2009


It Pays To Advertise

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

I was trying to convince a young American tourist to put on tefillin, but no matter what I said, his response was the same, “I used to put them on, but I don’t believe in it anymore, and I don’t want to do it.” Then out of the blue he asked, “What’s your name?” When English speakers ask my name, I usually tell them my English name.

“Gil,” I told him.

He said, “Okay, for you I’ll put them on. I read the book.”*

I smiled. Whatever their reason for putting on tefillin is not so important right now. Once they have them on and try to open their hearts, their whole world can change.

If there is someone out there you would like to help, let him read your copy. It has touched a lot of lives. Could be it will touch his, too.

(Click on the book image for Reb Gutman's books and music publications.)


Myfanwy said...
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Myfanwy said...

Oh wow. I have the Spice of Torah-Gematria. I use it in my kabbalistic witchcraft quite frequently. :)

Neshama said...

I found your music on WeJew and it is part of my blog's musical repertoire. Very nice, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Coming Back to Earth -- a great book, very inspiring and interesting and also very funny and fast-paced. I also recommend his book on meditation, which is really unique and useful.

Someone reading this blog needs to figure out how to get these books to a wider audience!

mink said...

Read it! Give it to any Jew (or gentile) who has a bent for exploring many different religions. Gil has been there and done it all already--and WAY more intensely than anyone can possibly imagine. Read it! And did I mention that besides being deep and spiritual, it's totally hilarious?

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