Tuesday, March 17, 2009



A complaint was brought to the Alter Rebbe (the Baal HaTanya, the first rebbe of Chabad Lubavitch) against his chassidim: "They prolong their prayers and are careful with the performance of mitzvot, but their efforts are superficial and they do not truly uphold that level of piety!"

The Alter Rebbe replied: "Is it really so, is it really so? If it is, then they are deserving of the verdict of the mishnah (Peah 8:9), "One who does not limp and is not blind yet makes out as if he is will not die until he becomes one of them!" Since they act like chassidim and act with love and fear of G-d through meditation and prolonged prayers, then surely they will not leave this world until it is truly so!"

From Toras Menachem 5711, Yud-Bet Tammuz - quoted in Chassidic Soul Remedies by R. Dovid Polter


Neshama said...

I hear this Geico ad on your blog. Where's that Geico audio hiding?

Akiva said...

Thanks, found it, eliminated it.

Shiloh said...

Akiva, I am sure you have noticed the choice selections that B Hussein Obama has made to be part of his gov't. Mostly anti-Israeli. What's your take. I sure appears the final shot at us is about to happen. Regards.

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