Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here’s a Guy I Really Don’t Know

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

He’s Russian. Obviously he’s a Jew, or I would not have put tefillin on him. He most likely never put them on before, at least that’s the way he acted when I brought him over. I really don’t know anything about the guy. Or, do I?

Take a closer look at the picture. Do you see that little drop of something on the bottom of his eyeglass? It’s a tear. When we cry we seem so much more alike.

He’s a Jew who has lived his fifty or sixty-some years doing pretty much what all of us have done: trying to make a living, looking for a peaceful place to live, raising a family. Not much more than that. But is this really so? Is this all that we are doing here?

Aren’t we all on a journey? Isn’t there something inside of us that says, “All this, the entire world and all my troubles are really just for now. They are so important to me now, but I know that they are going to end some day. Aren’t they? And I don’t know when that will be. Isn’t there Someone greater than all this?” That’s when we look up, and that’s when the tears begin to flow.

We are all on a journey, a journey that goes on and on, way beyond our temporary lives here. When we go on a journey we pack our bags. But for this journey, only our deeds are going to come with us. And we are all packing our bags every day, whether we realize it or not.


  1. tzar pinchas the secondMarch 19, 2009 3:01 PM

    Russians are a whole different story. They've been mentally and spiritually RAPED for over three generations. Even when they end up becoming frum they remain sooooo messed up... Only attached to the chitzoniyut of Yiddishkeit, obsessed with what people think of them, full of yeush... I once tried to be part of their community, couldn't get out of there fast enough. Now when I meet a Russian I pretend I don't speak it. It's not their fault though. And there're some exceptions of course. Anyone who tries to heal them is doing a tremendous thing. A sincere cry is definitely good.

  2. There´s so much sadness in the world.....
    And all these stories should be heard....


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