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Ha Orrat Purim 'The Lights of Purim'

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Mamar : כל המועדים בטלים וימי הפורים לא נבטלים"
(הלכות נחלות הלכה דHilkhot chalakha daled
Acording to the Torah, " say to the Cohanim", simon bet look there at all this Torah על פי התורה ''אמר אל הכהמנו בסימן ב' עין שם כל התורה

The main thing is prayer. "for all the wars of the Moshiach will be won through prayer" "and the main weapon of Moshiach is prayer" "and all his conquering is from this". Rebbe Nachaman also brings down here that, and we see there, that Yosef the Tzaddik was shomer Habrit and from this he merited the B'chor, the rights of the frist born. For he was not Yaakov's frist born but he was Rachel first born. For He the B'chor is the aspect of Avodahs Ha Tefilla 'the service of prayer'. for the B'chor receives a double portion. Rebbe Nachaman brings down that a person prays more for his b'chor, before a person has his first born, he prays for him, and all his other children come from this prayer, so the B'chor is the aspect of prayer.

This double portion is a an aspect of prayer, because the there is the order of Ho da ah, thankgiving and praising Hashem and b'kasha, a person asking Hashem for what he needs. Two aspects of prayer.

And this is the aspect of Purim, the subjegation of 'Haman-Amalek'. and this is what Raba bar Chana said... "because in this 'golus' that we are enduring at this very minute, and that Raba bar Chana is speaking in his time, it is one and the same. "That Hashem has turned his face from us". Even at his time. All of our requests and prayers and or crying out and in our hisbodeut all of this is, because of 'Hester Panim' the turning away of the face. And now when we see the length of this golus, and that it seems to not be ending. And that we are asking for him to return to us. And everyday when we call out and nothing is happening, it seems as our prayers are for nothing.

"Penei ali" Return to us! We feel some times that our prayers are for nothing. But in truth not one word is waisted. All the ours prayers are taken by the Tzaddikim. They take them and build and establish them and put them in their place. Like Moshe who built up the Miskan by arranging it in order so that the Shekinah could dwell there in it. And the Moshiach and the Tzaddik are an aspect of Moshe. The Tzaddik of the generation elevates an assembles these prayers in the proper order and he arrangeds them into their proper places, so that he builds the Beis Ha Mikdash and the Moshiach will come. And there are those who are confused and think that their prayers are not going up. That there are no fruit to the prayers, they are wrong they are raised and warmed and ripend. In truth they all go up every singal prayer goes up through the Beis Ha mikdash, the al gather there and are beam up from there. And now that there is no Mikdash the prayers go up at the kevrey graves of the great Tzaddikim. And every word is gathered and transformed into a building block of the Mikdash. They all raise to the throne of glory and they all led to the building of the Beis Ha Mikdash. speedly in our days quickly amen.

When this is complete and formed for the place of the Shekinah is completed through prayer then Hashem will bring the Emes Rachim, He will turn over the 'Midah of Din' to the 'Midah of Rachim' this is the aspect of mercy a person has to know. We are taught by Chazal that through our prayers that the Beis Ha Mikdash is built, But we need understand and to know that when the Mikdash is built it is, and only through the mercy of Hashem. Because everything we receive is only a unmerited, a free, undeserved gift from Hashem. Even though we have to pray for it and the Mikdash is rebuilt only by and through our prayer in the end it will only be by, Chasdei Hashem, it will not be as it were a payment for our prayers. Its is only the Chesed of Hashem. In the same way that this works for the kal for Am Israel, it also works in the prat, in our personal geula and any one that spends time in service to Hashem, ie. in prayer and requests and thanks giving will see this, that we have to pray and we receive Yehshuot, the salvations we need to know that it was not us but only Hashem mercy.

That Hashem will turn to us and bring us close to him and reveal the Tzaddik to us. It is only from Hashem that we even desire to come close to Him. When we merit to come close to him through our hisbodeut and he relieves us from our tivot and 'Middot ha rah', our base lusts and when we see that it was Hashem that has let us spend a lot of time in prayer. A person might make the mistake and think that he is not doing anything. In truth there is no word or one sigh that gets waisted. They truly make a huge mark and impression, and the Tzaddik takes them and builds these incredible beautiful buildings from them. They are the aspect of the Miskan all of us have to strengthen ourselves and know that it does not matter how speak or what speech we use to call out Hashem, the simple prayers are the best, we need not be elogent, but simple from the heart, in short the truth!

The whole of it is we have to just keep Davining and Davining 'praying' to Hashem as we are creating material to help the Tzaddikim to build. We supply the tzaddik with the 'Chomer' the materials they need to build the Mikdash. the greatest blocks of gold and jewels are made with just our simple prayers.

But Haman-Amalek he is all of the kilpot and Sitra Atra. Where does all this doubt come from that our prayers are of no use? They come from the heresy of Haman-Amlek he poisons our Daat by telling us that we can not help and that our prayers are useless and that there is nothing we can do. It's hopeless 'Ain ma la sot' how is is it possible that a person can pray and not believe in his prayers? It only comes from Haman-Amalek!!!

The power and the miricle of Purim, the Neis of Purim, is the greatest of miricles it is bigger than kias Yam Sof. Bigger than Matan Torah. The down fall of Haman-Amalek is the highest of the higheast of day, of the year. Why is the golus so long and so so bitter? It is all from the power of Haman-Amalek. Galut Edom for amalek is of the seed of Edom. Why? Why is it so bitter because we do not believe in our prayers! He seduces us into doubt all of the Tivot and the Middot Rahot all come from Haman-Amalek. Midrash Tehumah, in parshas Balak says that Haman-Amalek only comes from the Middot Rahot of not seeing the good, of ungratefulness! This is what empowers and calls him to attack us. He comes and tells us that there is no good. And it is this, this lie, keeps us from seeing the good makes the golus so much more bitter our 'Pegam b'Daat' our defect in our understanding adds to, and lengthens the golus and the lengthening of the golus weakens our prayers, it distances us from Hashem, we must not prepetuate this cycle, we must break the cycle. Because of all the bitterness makes us less confdent to stand up to him and pray and believe. It is a cycle that must not repeat itself. All the trickery and deceit he uses, if it were not for Hashem fighting Amalek himself we could not stand! Hashem in his great compassion sends to us Tzaddik, but we do not want to connect to him, it is only by Tzaddik telling us to not to give up, that we can keep going! Amalek knows this and he knows we are close to the end, and he only comes when we get close to the end. When we can make it, he comes to stop us Haman came only at the very end. everyone miscalculated the time of the End. When we were so close, then he comes to stop us. he says it can not be done give up. But when we know that this in and of it's self is a sign, to strengthen ourselves and carry on as the End is very close. But as we are scattard and seperated in our belielf. It's only by this lack of 'Achdut' Onesness we are defeated. We need to pull together and wake up. Haman came and told the king "their God is sleeping and is not coming to save them". Only by our prayers can we awaken Hashem's Rachim. We know, that He that keeps Israel never slumbers and He does not sleep. but He faithfuly watches over us! But it is just that he has turned his face away from us, so it appears that He is sleeping. Haman the wicked came and said to us that our G-d is sleeping, "see he's not coming to help you", He's not answering you, give up! The truth is there is no such thing that Hashem is sleeping it is only the Middat HaDin. We must awaken His Rachim then he will as it were return to us. There is no way to wake Him up, Haman said there is no such thing as Emunah! When we lengthen the golus we fall and say why, only because of this that Amalek tells us that it is over. But the Torah strongly warns us to remember what Amalek did to us on the way. this is a remez to all the history that he will constantly attack or faith. There are 6 things to remember that which Amalek did to us the 1st is that he came to cool off our heart he tried to convince us that every thing is just chance and there is not divine providence. and he cooled us off. We need to be on fire and warm to serve Hashem, but if he can cause a doubt then we become tired and we became tired of praying, So we did not fear Hashem they weaken our Daat remember it well what they have done to you in every generation! Not to believe in our prayers! Listen to the warning of the Tzaddikim Never give up and never stop believing in the power of prayer! Not only is he trying to tell us that Hashem has never helped you, that he has not even began to hear you, he has not and will not redeem you. They want us to forget Hashem! we are falling a sleep, so many of us are falling asleep, and worse, into the coma that we can not wake from. We need to only stay awake, and the only way to do it is to just to say thank you! The power of saying thank you can destory Haman-Amalek it is a spiritual nuke, because it is easy and simple just to today say thank you Hashem. Thank you for what he's done today, not yesterday we are only just trying to stay awake we are in spiritual hypotheremia we are cold.

On Purim we need to drink and get warm and Remember all that Hashem has done for us! That is why we need to read the Megillah every year as if it was happening now. We know that if we read the megillah as if it is a history then we have not fulfilled our obligation.

Rebbenu tells us that Hashem is constantly with us! "I never left you! I give you everything you need! If you think you lack somthing it is only that which you do not need! I"m doing right now miriciles to save you from that which you do not even know! So how can you doubt me? I give you everything I supply you with all! You lack nothing! Today you have all that I know that you need." Please wake up and thank Hashem! Are you alive? Then it is a mirical! Are you breathing? It's a Neis! Thank Hashem! It is only thought the Tzaddikim, Moshe and Mordechai that can wake us! Was it the hands of Moshe that saved us? Or was it us the Jews looking to Hashem? when we look not to our own strength or someone elses but to Hashem's strength, in us, in our power of prayer. As soon as we surrender to Hashem in prayer He comes and imedatey, He comes and saves us! Just look up to the Heavens this is the only way to defeat Haman-Amalek.

Happy purim we should merit through our dancing and joy to destroy Haman-Amalek Today once and for all! Amen.

Just as we have to give to any one who asks us on Purim, if we ask of Hashem then he is bound to give us! What do you have to lose? Ask and He will grant you your desire. Be carful not to waist this Purim on only being drunk but use it to elevate you Daat to understand all that Hashem wants from us. this is the key to the Geulah, open the door and just walk in

Reb Nati


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Great post Reb Nati! Chazak v'Amatz! L'Chaim!

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