Friday, March 27, 2009


Counting on You for Passover

Dear Friends:

My wife came to me last night with the subsidized (more or less at cost) food ordering list for Passover. Chicken is only $5 a kg ($2.30 a pound). Shmurah Matza is only $18 a kg ($8 per pound). Wine is $5 a bottle. My daughter's shoes have holes and her Shabbos shoes broke the strap. New clothes? That's not even open for discussion. And, as the vegetable sellers told my wife in the shuk (open market), buy this week because we're doubling prices next week!

B"H, I still have 1/2 a job! I am NOT asking for your help. However, our neighbors here in Israel are. The first of the month is this week, many a family will be struggling to make sure they pay their rent and aren't on the street for Passover - forget about wine, matzah and maybe a chicken!

This year we don't need to say times are tough, this is headline news and direct experience many can see directly.

Halacha says the poor of your community come first, then other communities. BUT, the poor of Eretz Yisroel are considered the same as the poor of your own community! For most in the US and Western nations, charity is an organizational affair. But here in Israel as we encounter those in our neighborhood and by the grocery store in need, in very serious personal desperate need, charity is a personal affair and our collective personal responsibility.

B"H, I know I'll have food on my table for Passover - I don't know if my neighbors will! No, let me correct that - I know some of my neighbors will NOT!

So we're appealing to you. We are not an organization, we have no office overhead, nobody on salary, every single dollar / shekel / euro / kronor / pound / rubel given will go directly to those in need (minus the credit card & paypal processing fee, about 3%).

We are not taking one penny or agara! Yes, our personal situation is difficult (Rabbi Nati's much more so.) But this is purely for others - we will have no taint of personal motive or inappropriate use of tzedakah (charity), G-d forbid! (If you'd like to 'tip the bloggers for Passover', I'm putting a separate button for that. If you only want to do 1 transaction, you can mention in the Paypal message/comment box how much for the tip from the total amount entered.)

Moas Chitim - Charity for Passover

Tip the Bloggers?


  1. Here in NY spearheaded by Dov Hikind, a number of Rabbeim have come out with a Kol Korea about NO PRICE GOUGING ON BASIC PESACH FOODS. I heard that fines might be levied against any storeowner who is caught doubling prices on items JUST BECAUSE its Passover.
    Matzos here are between $12 and $24 lb.
    Chickens are up a bunch because of the "Kashering crisis" and why not make your own raisin wine? You could make your own grape wine also. Well, shoes are vital to one's health, a must have. What about those Crocs? I hear they are very very comfortable, cheap, and now that it's getting warmer, might be a good choice for the summer (smile).
    Maybe the RABBIS in Eretz Yisrael could do the same?
    It would be a Kiddush HaShem to enable people to do the minimum for Pesah!
    Maybe an Askan (?) could be brave enough to start a campaign, by going to the top Gedolim and ask for a similar Kol Koreah!!!

    "Tip the BLoggers?" What is this? Which bloggers? All the bloggers? Certain bloggers? Who chooses who gets the Tips? :-)

  2. B"H

    I'm assuming "tip the bloggers" means Reb Nati and Akiva. For all of us who so enjoy this blog, let's take care of them too:)

  3. I have been commenting on this blog a long time and consider Reb Nati and Reb Akiva blogger-friends, and I guess my sense of humor was so dry it went unnoticed. They very much deserve as you said. Sorry.

  4. Neshama, according to R Akiva, he has no friends on the blog. You, like all here are parve.

    Side note, Akiva, when exactly did you get your partial layoff notice?

  5. Shiloh - I enjoy our virtual interaction, but a 'friendship' relationship requires a higher level of back and forth interaction. With some Facebook chats and emails, I do find that increasing.

    And the 1/2 layoff was on 3/19. Unfortunately, this also successfully deprives me of unemployment and severance (having been full time less than a year since being in Israel).


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