Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Brachos for the Bad

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

We thank G-d for everything. Hashem is good, and everything is for the good.

One of my daughters asked, 'how can you thank Hashem for the bad?' My response to her, 'how do you know it's bad?' Many things that seem bad push us in a new direction - individually and occasionally collectively. They give us new strengths, new depths or new maturity. They get us out of a rut and looking around to re-evaluate our situation and make some needed changes.

I then told her I lost 1/2 my job this week. Baruch Hashem. (1/2 means my employer cut my hours and my salary by 50%, in lieu of releasing me - for now.)

Yes it's tough. Yes Passover is just over a week away with it's expenses, and rent is waiting, and spring clothing is needed for growing children. But hopefully I'll look back at it and say, thank G-d I was pushed to new opportunities.

For now I just say thank G-d, I'm sure it's for the best. I know I'm not alone, a few readers have shared some very difficult stories of losing their businesses and/or homes and I've read a few other Jewish bloggers who are trying to learn to get by on unemployment and Medicaid (US medical system for the poor).

Tomorrow we'll be starting our Passover campaign. Unfortunately many people find themselves in a position of not being able to cover even the basics this Pesach, as I can all the suddenly relate to. Truly far too many are relying on those who can to help this year.


Shiloh said...

It's a tough few weeks prior to Pesach. I hope your employment is restored quickly.

Tamar Yonah said...

G-d bless you, my father lost his job in America, -he got laid off from the Space program after thousands of other scientists got laid off before him, but it was the catalyst to return to Israel and make aliyah.

Gam Zu L'Tova, as you say, we must believe and trust that everything is for the best!!!!

Neshama said...

My personal suggestion for those who don't know how they are going to make Pesach!!

You know, Pesach is 8 days, 2or1 of which is the seder. Last year my husband was in the hospital, and that was the least expensive year out of all of them. It showed me that it is possible to get thru those days on much, much less than we think. We don't have to have everything.

Some chassidishe friends of mine buy only the barest of necessities, and only fruit/veggies that can be peeled, homemade cakes, fish, chicken, compote, eggs, oil, potatoes, lemons (also for lemonade plus), oranges (to squeeze for juice), kirbeys, carrotts, apples AND NOT MUCH MORE. (ok, maybe one or two 'treats') Tiyulim to FREE places, and spending time with family.

It can be done. Sit the whole family down and talk it over, be realistic. It will turn out ok, and everyone will remember the self-sacrifices and the whole Yetzias Mitzrayim will be a more meaningful experience, an empathetic sharing with the original Jews who fled Pharoah into the arms of Hashem.

ytba said...

@Tamar Yonah

So, is it happening?

Ovadia 1...
4. If you go up high like an eagle ["the eagle has landed"], and if you place your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down, says the Lord.

Translation from...

America's days as super power are numbered, as are it's days in space. There wasn't anything more for your father to do there, I guess?

I just found this before coming here, so I'll include it, as well...

Regards, yonason

Reb. Nati said...

The simply is nothing as bad. it is the wrong prospective. all is from Hashem and all is good. The thing to do now is just to thank Hashem for all we have not to become cry babies over what we think we need!

Menashe said...

R. Nati,

With all due respect, there are many, as I'm sure you well know, who are not getting what they need. Not what they think they need but what they truly do need. Your advice is excellent to apply - to oneself! But to tell another that is suffering to "stop whining" as it were, seems just cruel and crass.

Anonymous said...

keep hope alive! Just keep hope alive !!! Stick to the Rebbe and the holy Tanya, you'll surely have new opportunities right after the moadim. And for now, I understand you have enough hours to clean up your house: Baruch Hashem !!! Chag Sameach and dont forget:

Reb. Nati said...

No when we complain or speak negetivly even if it is just a brief comment we shut the doors of blessing. it is very very important to speak only positivly and the best way is to be thankful for what we have. in these times we need to be extermly carful of how we express ourselves as these test of faith can be turned around with just thanks giving Hashem blessings to all

emunatidbits said...

Keep your Emuna strong.
Hashem probably wants to give you more time to properly prepare for Moshiach that is coming very soon.
May Hashem bless you with His abundance in every area of your life.

Elisheva said...

I suggest that when discussing "bad" with children, in this context, that you clarify for them that you mean an event which is not preventable. A child could think that you meant that even if they did something bad, intentionally, that this, too would be "good".

Baruch Eliezer said...

I lost my job in the Space industry over a year ago, Baruch Hashem. It was the catalyst for my wife and I to make aliyah; we arrived last May. Baruch Hashem! There is nothing like living in Eretz Yisrael. Nothing! Every single moment of everey single day is an opportunity to see Hashem at work. Baruch Hashem! Changing my thought processes to "Gam zu latova" hasn't been easy, but it is a true blessing.

josh said...

It's weird how when something bad happens, we try to figure out why.

But when something good happens, we rarely do cheshbon nefesh.

shira0607 said...

How can I help your Passover campaign?

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