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Uncomfortable Beliefs

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Judaism has some core beliefs. (I guess this is true of every major religion.) You can't avoid them and you can't ignore them, they're a part of what makes Judaism Judaism.

Example: G-d is one. Judaism does not allow for multiple divine powers or competing gods, nor G-d divided into some sort of multiple limited entities. G-d is one.

Similarly, just as the Jewish people are designated a holy nation, the land of Israel is designated a holy land, and a permanent relationship between the two was created. (Hence all Jews pray facing Jerusalem, and pray for rain during the Israeli rainy season.)

Sometimes some of these beliefs make people uncomfortable. That's ok, often ways of Judaism have found ways to mess with modernity or 'progress'. Other times, a choice is faced, Judaism or not. Around the world this can be tricky , but within Israel it is sometimes striking when someone - literally while standing on the ruins of Judaism past - would deny the very ground they are standing upon...

(Speaking about a newly elected member of the Israeli Knesset, Haaretz Newspaper says...) Ben-Ari, with his racist, Kahanist and pro-transfer ideology, will stain any government and damage Israel's reputation around the world. The message that will be conveyed by including the National Union is that transfer has received a seal of approval in Israel. Kahane was not right, definitely not, but he has won. There is no other way to look at it.

Ben-Ari, the representative of Baruch Marzel and Rabbi Dov Wolpe, members of the Eretz Israel Shelanu (Our Land of Israel) faction in the National Union, already expressed himself on Arutz Sheva radio shortly before the elections that, "if breaking a law means opposing the expulsion of Jews, I'm a lawbreaker."

Together with his designated assistant, Itamar Ben-Gvir, who has had 46 indictments served against him and was in fact acquitted in most of the cases, they are a pair of extreme right provocateurs who do not belong in the government. Anyone who espouses transfer of the Arabs, the construction of the Temple and redemption must not be a member of the government here, not even a junior member.

Got that, ANYONE who hopes for the geulah must not be a member of the government, per the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. I shouldn't be at this point, but I'm just stunned.


yaak said...

Wow! This is Erev-Rav talk, or better, members-of-the-80%-who-died-in-Makkat-Hoshech talk.

Is there a link for this on Haaretz?

Devorah said...

It's fine because the last government (we are told) will be Erev Rav.... I guess Haaretz is being very helpful and making sure that it happens that way.

Neshama said...

Those bldgs in the blog, are they in Tel Aviv, or Bnei Brak? Is this one of your excellent photos?

Well, I see a shift in world events, especially after the election, Israel is getting stronger! Even if it is a (secular) not-yet observant government. The fact that all these terms and people are in the news is, I believe, because Hashem is strengthening Eretz Yisrael for something, for possibly the next phase in the Geula process. We will just have to see.

I posted in my sidebar about just this, Promising Signs of Geula.

Shiloh said...

IMHO, Kahane is normal, the rest don't belong running Israel. But who am I to say.

Anonymous said...

I've been posting my anti-Chilonim stance here for months now. Who listens? 900 billion USD is going to the Palestinians. Why? So they can resupply and rearm. This is exactly what I said would happen. A new Chilonim government has been elected. This is exactly what I said would happen. I'm no prophet! An idiot could've seen these things coming, because CHANGE means the STATUS QUO. Every Jew who voted for Obama or McLame has cut their own throat. If the Chilonim in Israel and America want a anti-Torah, secular humanist utopia, then let's either give it to them and let HaShem's wrath fall upon them or take these lands out of their control. 900 billion? Why not just put 'em all on a plane to Iran or at the very least use that money to line Israel's borders with the MTHEL defense-system. Why? Because the Chilonim and the Amero- and Euro-Elite want to continue their policy of War Corporatism. History is repeating itself. When will we learn from the mistakes of the past? When!?

Shiloh said...

Hey there Annon, it has nothing to do with a Jew being secular. I know many who are pro-Israel and would follow the dictates of what you would call the written Torah, but detest what has become of it. Leave it at that. I can have a great time picking apart the religious. Remember the explaination of the non-kosher animal in the Talmud. Learning from our mistakes, it wont happen in our life time. Just think, maybe haShem is directing traffic here. That would be beyond most peoples comprehension.

Akiva said...

Yaak - sorry I didn't save the link, I was too disgusted.

Neshama - Tel Aviv, Azreli Towers, photo from the south looking north. Not my photo.

Nightghost said...

Simply stunning. It is unbelievable, to me, to see someone say this. Crazy world we live in.

Anonymous said...

re: "anyone who espouses transfer of the Arabs, the construction of the Temple and redemption must not be a member of the government here, not even a junior member"

It seems like this person's main problem is with ACTIONS. Jews who want to take matters into their own hands and actively build the Jewish Kingdom. AS opposed to Jews who passively long for the Geulah, waiting for Moshiach to do everything and for the Temple to miraculously appear from the Heavens. This mirrors certain ultra Orthodox groups who oppose/d the physical founding of Israel. It's all well and fine to point at the so called chiloni and call people erev rav but I think it says somewhere in the Talmud or maybe in Pirkei Avot-(I paraphrase) -don't be sure of yourself until your dead.

Anonymous said...

To the last Annon.

The sages teach that Mashiach can come one of 2 ways:

First, on the clouds. Why the clouds, because we have done our work and prepared a space for him. What does this mean. Having a religious government, land, live, keeping Halachah, etc.

The second way is on a donkey. The donkey is tradtionally interpreted by the sages as war. Why war? Because we haven't done our work. We haven't done tshuvah. We haven't taken care of our responsibilities. Just look at the Kinneret. Hashem says that he will send the rains in their proper time, the early rains and the late rains, If we keep his commandments. Let's see to me that means since the kinneret is 18 feet below its normal level, that means we need to do tshuvah and keep his commandments.

That's what it means to be active in government. We need religious people in government. Only religious people. Use David HaMelech as an example. Try using HaShem as an example. He says in Sefer Vayikra, to be holy for He is Holy. Why not. Try it you may like it.

Anonymous said...

re: to the last anon,
after making that comment by Hashgata Pratis I saw this at Torah dot Org.
It's in "How Does One Perceive His Fellow Jew?" by Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky.
#4 titled "What is the Significance of"Make for ME a Dwelling Place"
Quoting third paragraph: "Until Sinai they were in a passive capacity vis a vis redemption, miracles etc. Hashem carried them all the way and there was no need for them to take any initiative. However, once the Jews failed with the Golden Calf, they themselves had to take steps to bring about change . Their efforts from below brought about efforts from above. The Jewish people needed to actually participate in the building of the Mishkan."
Anyway re: transferring Arabs I think if Israel does this then it should be prepared to stand alone against the world and not rely on miracles-stockpile grain, have water sources, medical supplies be prepared to cope without petrol have alternative means of transportation and ways of farming etc.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon.

Your last paragraph has but one misconception. It is "I think". What does Hashem think?

Anyway. As jews we are not supposed to take but one shiur, one perek, when it disagrees with others and base an entire theology upon it. They must be reconciled.

We can stand around and wait for Mashiach to do everything (which I believe we will be sadly mistaken if we do) or we can take responsibility for our world, for our actions, for our belief and faith and be PRO-active. Being pro-active is not contrary to bringing upon the mashiach. In fact that is exactly what helps mashiach as our sages teach.

The X-tians are notorious for standing around and complaining about the world and just watching it go by. I for one, don't want that to happen to our people or to myself.

yaakov said...

akiva, i think being 'stunned' is appropriate. then, to me it seems the question would be what would H' want us to do? what would our hassidic and tanna ancestors have done? hillel zakein was known to bring people under the wings of the Divine Presence. aaron hakohen loved his fellow jew completely.
in these days before mashiach, may he come soon, we have tremendous opportunities to educate, enlighten and help all our brothers,secular and religious.
we have to do our own teshuva and we have to help our fellow jew.
as it says, we don't have to complete it, but we have to do what we can.
whoever wrote that piece on haaretz needs to be invited for shabbat. for a discussion. for information and to dance with the hassidim!!!!

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