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Talking Kabbalah

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

When we talk about kabbalah directly, or highly spiritual events, people get uncomfortable. We start to get comments and emails where people directly question aspects of Judaism because of kabbalistic exposure. There is a good reason kabbalah has traditionally not been learned until the student is 40, and well grounded in traditional Jewish topics (Torah, Mishnah, Halacha, etc.)

The mysticism we've traditionally discussed has been kabbalistic concepts as presented through chassidus. Chassidus does an excellent job in both making kabbalistic concepts more easily graspable, and fitting them better into a systemic spiritual context expanding Jewish belief to greater depths. But some concepts and ideas aren't there, and some warrant direct discussion.

But then we come back to point 1. We try to be very careful and sensitive - but it's kabbalah. Sometimes it's neither.

However, on the other side, there are plenty of people spewing a variety of stuff being labeled kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. Often it's neither, and if it has some truth it's truth mixed with many foreign concepts - treif.

What do you think? Should we be posting the occasional straight-up kabbalah article, or avoiding it?


  1. R' Akiva,

    Bring on the Light. The Real Deal.

    We can handle The Truth. Your words will uncover the lies that surround us from THE REAL LIGHT.

    Nothing in this world exists without B"H and no matter how hard HIS Truth is covered up, HaShem balks at the Nations and their designs.

    Bring it on. Bring it now. Don't stop till ALL of The Family of Israel is one serving THE ONE.


  2. If you're going to post kabbalah articles, don't rehash stuff people can find other places or fluffy inspirational stuff meant for "chizuk" or stuff on character development - not that these topics aren't important generally, but sheesh, people can read about those things anywhere. Real meaty teaching or nothing at all. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I'm alright with it.

  4. Akiva, sounds fantastic.

  5. Do you know how to swim? And the waves might get alitte high and the water is deep and there are sharks. Are you really ready to swim in this sea? Because if the 'fluffy inspiritational stuff' is has been the clothing of the deep mystical that you search for in a dose that you can handle and you push it a side. until you understand the the nigla you can't understand the nistar. and all of us have to learn the so make sure your an accomplished swimmer before you jump in this ocean. with love Reb Nati

  6. Oh and Rebbenu probally says it in the most simple of ways for this generation. So if we what to come to 'Daat' we should start with the "heart" with the 'Binah' the before we get to the the Mochin the head the chomah as until we prefect or heart we can understand the head as we are bent so to speak from this world our exposure to this world has left us in need of heart repair as the heart is where we can learn the head.

  7. Reb Nati,

    "Moach shalit al haLev"... It's written in the holy Tanya... Otherwise, one can be easily mislead by ones'heart...

    Reb Akiva, Hassidut is the answer, that is kabbala in a way 'shave lekol nefesh'...
    See U

  8. there is no such thing as nigleh without nistar, and no such thing as nistar without nigleh. כך מקובלני מרבותי בשם הרמח"ל

  9. I'm sorry Reb. Nati. We all don't have to learn PaRDes. We can learn SaPhaRD. That's the whole point. You're not in the galut anymore you're in Eretz Yisrael. Get back with the program. Most of us don't hold by Gadolim, but Tzadakim.

  10. Post it. Shabbtai Zvi (and the bad taste he left for Kabbalah) is ancient history - get over it.
    This genereration seeks it and needs it. Bring it on.

    If we don't use the light that is coming down, the Madonna types will.

    Yashar koach to you.

  11. I say post it, with all the treife that the "Kabbalah Center" puts out there, we need something strong and Kosher. If that means sometimes wrapping it up in a cute story as Rebbeinu often did, so be it.

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  13. rav avraham trugman of 'ohr hadash' in modi'in has some beautiful and insightful divrei torah and videos on his website:

    the videos are also on youtube.

    he has a gift for expressing and conveying these kinds of insights in a torahdich way.

  14. make sure your an accomplished swimmer before you jump in this ocean

    I jumped in the ocean a long time ago and I'm still swimming. Witches float don't ya know. LOL.

  15. A related funny - in this morning's stand-up meeting at work, my boss related her dream about me last night to all of us ... and in it, I jumped the black bottomless pit too as everyone else in the car screamed "slow down! slow down!".

  16. but, I pointed out to her, we made it! (and now we are poised to become the best facility in the multi-state organization)

  17. 1) I'm pretty sure we're not talking about posting a translation of Shaar Ruach HaKodesh of the Ari.

    2) The Leshem says explicitly that in these times (and he was writing 80 years ago) we can talk about things in Kaballah that it would have been forbidden to talk about in earlier epochs. This is because
    ruach hakodesh is being enclothed in lower and lower vessels, so that what in previous generations literally required great tahara and ruach hakodesh can be understood by our regular minds. But it's more that that. We have kelim (vessels) to express the sod that didn't exist before, in large part due to modern science.

    The Ari talks about the process of consciousness coming in, of a new awareness or level being integrated into the mind. Picture the awareness as a complete entity with a head, body, and feet, coming into a set of vessels, also with a top, middle, and bottom. First, the "bottom" of this new consciousness comes into the highest vessels, and then it moves down, the lowest aspect of the light coming into lower and lower vessels. Historically, such a thing has happened as well. So that we, who are connected to the lowest vessels, are not only experiencing their respective lights coming in, but are also receiving illuminations from the highest lights also coming into THEIR respective kelim. This explains how there can be a yeridat hadorot (descent of the generations) and also at the same time how we can comprehend and express things which earlier generations couldn't speak about.

    3) In these times, to a great extent either you get it, it speaks to you, or you just tune it out.

  18. The title and subtitle of this blog lends itself to the concept of Kabbalah here. Either change the title of the blog or include deeper discussions.

    Stop misrepresenting yourselves and the blog. But then again, it's your blog you can do what ever you please regardless of how misleading it is.

  19. What's the worst that could possibly happen if you'd post it ?
    So what ?


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