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Parsahas Yisro

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

We are told this week that, 'the Benei Israel arrived at Har Sinai in the third month after the Exodus from Egypt, 'on this day' they arrived... and encamped in the wilderness, opposite the mountain'.

They had attained the level fit for revelation of the Torah

'Moshe ascended to kEL, and Hashem called to him from the mountain, saying, "So shall you say to house of Yaakov and relate to the children of Israel.'

Moshe is being given instructions on how to relate what Hashem is saying to the Nation he is to speak gently to the women and firmly to the men. (Mechilta) in this manner he was to relate the commandments in a manner which suited the compassionate nature of the women and to the men in a firm manner to reach the them in a manner which suited the nature of the men.

'You have seen what I did to Egypt', this is to the women, 'and that I have born you on the wings of eagles', is to the men, 'and brought you to Me'. These two statements were directed at two aspects of Emunah, the female and the male aspects. I have seperated/removed you from the heresy of Mitzrayim, And have drawn you to Myself. in essence Hashem is telling us that He has removed the concealment from our hearts and our eyes. "Revelation"

'And now, if you will hearken well to me and observe My Covenant', this is to the men, This a warning about Tikun Habrit, Sexual purity 'THE EVIL URGE', Our YeiTZeR HaRah. "You shall be to Me the most beloved treasure of all the peoples, for Mine is the entire world. you will to Me a kingdom of ministers and a Holy nation."

Excuse me please I'm sorry, I need to digress a moment I feel compelled to discuss something so here goes. it's all tired together you'll see.

We all wonder why we suffer so in this world. While there seems to be no good answer, but this I none the less know that no person escapes it. We all suffer! For while no two people are alike and our sufferings are different, it is still possible to make comparisons, and everyone is equal in this, that each of us as people must endure suffering very, very much each day.

We are taught by chazal that in the future, that each and everyone of us will receive an explaination for every thing that we under went and all that we went through in minut detail of everyday. If this is so then apparently each person must endure a great deal. We may ask why?
We may like it, but it is for our best.

But we have been fore warned, that it would not be easy.

Hashem was telling us from the beging that we would have to endure much in this life espeacally in This realm of the Animal, 'with our urges'. He also told us that if we could endure this, that there is a great prize waiting for us. You may say it's not worth it? We believe that Hashem is supervising everything and that everything is for the best. And certainly Hashem is behind everything, His thoughts are wonderous and His wisdom is very great.

A person can see Hashem's miracles in everything everyday, if he but looks for them. Aside from what we believe,
'that miracles occur every day'. "It is impossible for a person to understand anything, that is happening around him for Hashems ways are very deep". ASHREINU!!! How fortunate we are to have seen and heard all this! But we only see a small segment, if we could but see the whole then we would galdy volentree for the task at hand of the. 'Retification of the world'

We also see that we are not alone in this. 'We can still encourage ourselves in this very fact that in at least we feel the "Woes" The rabbis, OBM. said on the verse, And He formed... vaYITZeR (berakhot 61a), Woe to me from my maker YoTzRI and woe to me from my evil urge YiTZRI." It emerges that the essence of the Evil Urge is contained in the fact that a person is compelled to suffer this harassment and war everyday, this "Woe to me from my maker and woe to me from my Evil Urge!"(Reb Nosson, Alim l'rufah) The Yeitzer HaRah is the Urge to serve the other g-d, 'Self!'

Yisro Had been the master of Avoda Zarah, he was the priest of paraoh 'to the other side'. But he heard and then saw what Hashem had done for Israel, and converted and thus served Hashem.

We are told that to come close to Hashem, that we must do two things we must draw close. and we must and must seprate from the the other side. for it is impossible to serve both, it is one or the other.

We must form an attachment to KeDuSHa and seprate ourselves from the TuMaH as we can not hold on to both., they can not exisit in the same realm. It's simple it's white and black there is no grey. We are told that our suffering is when we try to hold on to both, the only suffering is when we are in the grey. You see when we draw close to the white 'KeDuSHa' then we receive DaaT, we receive Divine understanding, the concealment is removed, and thus there is no suffering. And Hashem forbid, when we draw close to the black 'HaTuMaH', the concealment itself is concealed so that we do not even know and thus we longer feel, therefore no suffering.

'This is the second Woe For there are people who longer feel even the slightest, and those hearts no longer grieve over all that happens to them.' The Rebbe, Rebbe Nachman said explicitly that a person ought to feel encouragement that at least he is feeling his pain, for this the second concealment has been lifted as it is written in Likutey Moharan (II, 48:1) Thank Hashem, for if we feel then we are aware that we are alive and should be grateful for this very fact!

It is impossible to explain all this in one writting each individual will understand it differently according to his own perceptions. Through Hashem enormous compassion, The Rebbe placed in us this teaching in which we need everyday no matter where you have fallen, "In other words, HASHEM"S GREATNESS IS UNFATHOMABLE AND PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING AT ALL". Thus there is hope for our final out come, even for the worst of people. The main thing is that a person never give up crying out and pleading to Hashem for everything (Tzaddik #565).

We need to but remember all this everyday!

I had not intended to write you about all this right now,
But your enormous desire and your heart's burning for the truth compelled me. May Hashem illuminate your eyes and the eyes of all those who desire truth, so that my words of truth enter their hearts. for these words are awesome and great, beyond all estimation!

May the Holy One Blessed Be He the cause of all causes, cause even our suffer to come to a end, by the removal of the concealment that covers our eyes at present. And may we merit the redeemer speedily in our days Amen! Your friend Reb Nati

Gut Shabbos


Baruch Eliezer said...

Rabbi Nati,
May HKBH continue to strengthen you and guide you in all that you say and do. May THE HOLY ONE be your guide, your strength, your source, your victor. Our hope is in HaShem, The HOLY ONE of Yisrael. May Mashiach come quickly in our day.

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