Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Important Rain Notice

Israel relies on winter seasonal rains for 90% of it's water. The rainy season this year basically hasn't been...rainy. With about 1 month left, people are starting to wake up to what may be a severe drought in Israel. In that vain, this notice came out on our community mailing list...

B"H - We will have a prayer for Rain on Tuesday - the Day of (Israeli) Elections,
at 3:30 PM at the Kotel (Western Wall).

Let's join together in prayer to Hashem so that rain will fall in Israel. Please bring siddurim and tehillim (prayer books and psalm books).

Should it rain on Tuesday - the prayer for rain will be canceled.

(It's raining! Either the prayers were very successful, or canceled due to the rain.)


josh said...

It rained nicely, but it was certainly not a reason to cancel the prayers. It was only for a day. Next rain is not in sight.

We are talking about getting less than 50% of the yearly average, when we needed rain everyday to get us out of the bad situation we were in at the beginning of the winter.

Everything is Hashem's will. He has been trying to tell us to wake up and we are hitting the snooze button. Stones, rocks, guns, mortars, rockets, surface to surface missiles... sub-prime crisis, credit crisis, banks failing, world economic crisis, real estate diving

and now

water. In Cyprus now, I'm told that they have running water every other day. Coming soon to a tap near you.

Neshama said...

Rain is Bracha

Anonymous said...

True, rain is Bracha, however we're several meters below in Bracha and we need more. Why not continue the prayers for rain? Sounds like a good idea to me.

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